Charles Burton

Charles is a criminal law specialist with wide experience of both general crime (including serious organised crime, serious violent and sexual assaults), fraud, confiscation and asset restraint.

His practice is predominantly defence but he is increasingly instructed to prosecute. He appears regularly in the Court of Appeal and the Adminstrative Court.

Cases of Interest

R v. A. Defended a baby shaking murder in which the evidence of non accidental injury was challenged and in which the mother (co-accused) sought to blame the defendant. Leave to appeal granted (hearing pending) where grounds are that the summing up was both biased and and failed adequately to address the medical defence.

R v. Walker and Others. Successfully defended alleged member of Birmingham’s “Johnson Crew” charged with kidnap arising from a dispute between rival drugs gangs.

R v. Evans and Others. Multi million pound “sub-prime” mortgage fraud. Prosecution offered no evidence following abuse of process argument based on prejudice arising from Crown’s failure to disclose relevant material.

R v. Parker. Leading junior. Sexual abuse by gang on 15 year old complainant culminating in group rape filmed by one member of the group.

R v.Billia. Client and co-defendant alleged to have strangled and smothered long-term male partner of latter. Cut-throat defence, co-defendant with good character adducing client’s previous and “similar fact” conviction for manslaughter to establish propensity; client alleging set-up by co-defendant; co-defendant convicted of murder. Client acquitted.

R v. Camp and Others. Successfully defended as leading junior in high profile £2 million fraud on United Synagogue.

R v. Hennes. Leading junior defending in large-scale drugs importation (heroin flown over channel in private planes and dropped by parachute in Kent)

R v. Vince. “Historic” child sex abuse case based on expert evidence relating to memory distortion due to encephalitis and issues concerning collaboration. On appeal: appropriate directions to jury where similar fact capable of providing corroboration.

R v.Stevens. Junior alone in conspiracy to defraud; solicitors implicated – arising from arrest and charge of William Relton (Relton’s solicitors) (Successfully appealed and on re-trial convicted of lesser charge of recklessly making misleading statements (s.47) Financial Services Act).

R v. Silver and Others. Successfully defended as leading junior in multi-million pound bond warehouse excise fraud. Proceedings stayed during re-trial on grounds of non-disclosure by H.M Customs and Excise.

Reported Cases

R v. Chrysostomou [2010] EWCA Crim 1403. Represented the Crown in appeal against Firearms conviction where trial judge’s ruling that implied assertions contained in text messages were not hearsay and therefore admissable, was upheld. Conviction quashed on other grounds.

RCPO v. Taylor [2010] EWHC 715 (Admin). Appeal by RCPO (case stated) against decision of district judge that section 76 (2) MCA 1980 did not provide a power to postpone the issue of a warrant until the conclusion of a sentence (20 years) imposed for an offence to which the relevant confiscation order did not relate. Decision quashed but proceedings in magistrates’ court stayed on grounds of abuse of process.

Taylor v. City of Westminster Magistrates’ Court [2009] EWHC 1498 (Admin). Whether confiscation enforcement proceedings in the magistrates’ court relate to an indicatable offence such as to permit, under regulation 12 of the Criminal Defence Service Regulations, representation by an advocate.


Member of the LSC Complex Crime Unit’s VHCC Appeals Panel Member of South Eastern Circuit Committee
Former member of Central London Bar Mess Committee