Daniel Jameson

Daniel Jameson is first and foremost a specialist criminal defence advocate and is regularly instructed as led junior counsel in cases involving fraud, murder, serious violence and drugs.

Daniel’s focus is on defending and not prosecuting.  Daniel has always believed that his primary role as counsel is to represent those that cannot represent themselves and to do it to the best of his ability.

Meticulous in his preparation, Daniel leaves no stone unturned when it comes to brief handling in both his grasp of the facts and legal expertise. He is relaxed and disarming in conference yet he invokes confidence in those that he represents by his ruthless and single minded approach to defending their case. His judgment is impeccable and can be seen in both his approach to cross-examination and delivering his closing speech.  When instructed as junior counsel Daniel has established a firm reputation for working tirelessly to ensure his leader has every assistance and support required in the preparation of the case.

Recent cases

As Lead Counsel

  • Daniel was recently instructed as lead counsel in a 6-week multi-handed case involving the heavily publicised ‘Southall Funfair Murder’ involving conspiracy to commit grievous bodily harm with intent and violent disorder. The case revolved around CCTV, cell site and blood spatter evidence, Daniel was commended for his “eloquent submissions” and his “perfectly pitched” closing speech.

As Led Junior 


  • Led by Oliver Blunt QC, in a case involving a young defendant (16) at the Central Criminal Court charged with beating a homeless man to death.
  • Led by Charles Sherrard QC in a 3-week attempted murder trial involving a background of the importation of significant quantities of cocaine.  The issues centred on eyewitness and expert ballistic evidence (trajectories).
  • Led by Philippa McAtasney QC in an attempted murder trial involving the significant preparation and cross-examination of the Crown’s blood spatter expert (victim stabbed 14 times).


  • Daniel was instructed as led junior in a multi-million pound fraud and money laundering case involving issues of criminality in foreign jurisdictions revolving around complex company structures.
  • Instructed as led junior to represent solicitor charged with mortgage fraud in a 2-month trial in Birmingham.
  • Led junior for the second defendant in the heavily reported, 3-month, ‘traveller slavery trial’ lasting.  Defending in the first prosecution for Slavery in the UK since the early 19th Century.
  • Daniel has significant experience of appearing as a junior alone in multi-handed trials involving serious violence, blackmail and drugs.
  • He represented the first defendant in a 7 handed ‘cut throat’ trial charged with violent disorder, section 18 GBH and 3 counts of possession of firearms and ammunition.
  • Robbery:  Daniel has a wealth of experience in multi-handed ‘Flying Squad’ prosecutions; involving firearms, cash in transit robberies and conspiracy to rob.
  • Section 18 and 20 GBH:  Including a case, originally investigated as an attempted murder in which a defendant with a serious mental health condition was accused of stabbing an ex partner six times.
  • Firearms and ammunition:  Daniel has been instructed in matters concerning possession of prohibited weapons and ammunition, including cases with complex arguments of duress and gang membership.
  • A particular interest of Daniel’s is the increasingly common and, in his view dangerous, practice of police officers ‘identifying’ defendants from CCTV and the inherent difficulties of asking a jury to identify defendants using the same procedure.

Asset Forfeiture & Confiscation

  • A particular area of focus is asset forfeiture and confiscation proceedings. Daniel has appeared in confiscation hearings at the Crown Court and is experienced in enforcement proceedings in the Magistrates’ Court, in particular where there may be Certificate of Inadequacy or section 23 applications
  • He has represented the RCPO in possession applications in the County Court and appeared in ancillary relief proceedings in the High Court and the County Court to give effect to confiscation orders. He has also appeared in contempt of court cases at the High Court where a restraint order has been disobeyed. Daniel has recently appeared as junior counsel in an application to discharge a restraint order in a case involving assets worth over $20 million.
  • He has appeared in many cash seizure and forfeiture hearings across the country.
  • ‘Confiscation in Crown Court Proceedings and Section 23 Applications’ presented to ‘Her Majesty’s Court Service’s Legal Advisors Forum’. (CPD accredited)
  • ‘Confiscation, Past and Present’: Co-author – presented to solicitors and counsel practising on the Northern Circuit. (CPD accredited)
  • ‘Enforcement of Confiscation Orders in the Magistrates’ Court’: Furnival Chambers Lecture series (CPD accredited)
Chambers' business

Daniel is proud to be a pupillage ‘god parent’.  He is involved in the training of the pupils as part of their ongoing advocacy training sessions during their ‘first six’.  He is also a member of chambers’ tenancy committee.