David Miller

David Miller is a defence advocate with detailed knowledge of police procedure and investigative techniques, with particular expertise in disclosure issues, organised crime and intelligence led operations, informant handling, forensic science and fraud. He has a wide ranging practice including serious fraud, sexual offences, violent crime, drugs offences, road traffic, and judicial review.

David has been regularly instructed in large-scale frauds often as a leading junior. Recent examples of his fraud practice include a £47 million conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to defraud Railtrack involving a number of employees and a multi handed conspiracy to defraud insurance companies that involved complex related confiscation proceedings.

In the last two years David has successfully represented News International’s Graham Dudman (Managing Editor) and Brandon Malinksky (Night Editor) in two separate Operation Elveden Trials working with the Sun Newspaper. He was also instructed on behalf of three other editor/journalists whose cases were discontinued by the prosecution prior to trial.

He is currently instructed in a number of multi-handed trials alleging offences of drugs importation and serious fraud. He is also instructed in the appeal of a defendant convicted in one of the country’s most high profile murders.

David also defends serious fraud cases with a particular emphasis on defendants employed in public office.

David’s recent cases include murder, attempted murder, gross negligence manslaughter, conspiracy to defraud, money laundering, perverting the course of justice, conspiracy to commit robbery and GBH, violent disorder, importation of class A drugs, possession of class A drugs with intent to supply, confiscation (drug trafficking) hearings and possession of child pornography distributed by use of Internet sites.

David regularly appears as a leading Junior and has led, for example, in cases concerning riot (the Harmondsworth Detention Centre riots), conspiracy to defraud, conspiracy to supply class ‘A’ drugs, conspiracy to commit robbery with loaded firearms and money laundering charges including those relating to the alleged conspiracy to supply heroin nationally.

David has recently appeared in the Court of Appeal involving allegations of fraud against serving police officers. On a number of occasions he has been instructed by the Registrar of Criminal Appeals to advise on the merits of fresh appeals against ‘old’ convictions where there is a suggestion of ‘new evidence’.

David is also a pupil supervisor and an Inner Temple advocacy trainer.

Notable cases

R v Willis and others (2016) – Reading CC

Led Junior – Represented client in multi-handed “joint enterprise” murder relating to the fatal stabbing of the client’s ex-boyfriend

R v Malinski (2015) – CCC 

Led Junior – Represented the Night News Editor of The Sun Newspaper charged as a result of Operation Elveden.

R v Moyes (2015) – CCC 

Led Junior – Represented senior Sun Reporter in connection with Operation Elveden.

R v Berry (2015) – Oxford CC

Junior Alone – Represented client in multi-handed Conspiracy To Supply hundreds of kilos of class A drugs. Intelligence led police investigation over a one year period, involving covert surveillance and property interference, culminating in the seizure of drugs valued in excess of £1.3 million, which the Crown alleged was a fraction of the size of the criminal enterprise.

R v McDonald (2015) – CCC

Junior Alone – Represented an alleged “Drugs Kingpin” who had been circulated amongst “Britain’s Most Wanted” in connection with the Conspiracy to Import and Supply hundreds of kilos of heroin and cocaine, resulting from intelligence led police investigation.

R v Dudman (2014/2015) – CCC

Led Junior – Represented the Managing Editor of The Sun Newspaper in the main Operation Elveden trial.

R v Aiden Butcher (2014) – Southwark CC

Junior Alone – Represented client in a multi-handed Conspiracy to Convert Criminal Property relating to co-defendants alleged to have defrauded the Royal Marsden NHS Trust of over £600,000 and laundering proceeds with the assistance of others.

R v Johnson (2014) – CCC

Led Junior – Represented defendant in a multi-handed “joint-enterprise” Murder relating to the fatal stabbing of a male, which the Crown alleged was a revenge attack between 2 rival gangs.

R v Kaka (2014) – Isleworth CC

Leading Junior – Multi-handed Conspiracy To Commit GBH and Violent Disorder. Represented defendant charged with Violent Disorder in connection with a fight between two rival religious gangs in Southall Park resulting in the fatal stabbing of another male.

R v Hicks (2013) – Manchester CC

Junior Alone – Represented defendant in a multi-handed Conspiracy to Defraud H M Revenue and Customs relating to a VAT Carousel Fraud valued at millions of pounds.

R v Adams (2013) – Reading CC

Junior alone – Multi-handed Murder. Represented client charged with Perverting The Course of Justice in connection with murder investigation, which led to client’s brother being charged with the murder of his business partner and mistress and tried together with his sister and another mistress.

R v M (2013) CCC

Junior alone. Murder

R v Bulat (2012) – Chelmsford CC Junior Alone – Represented client charged with Perverting Course of Justice in in connection to a murder investigation where his son was a suspect.

R v Suntharamoorthy (2012)

Led Junior in multi-handed Conspiracy To Launder £50 million of proceeds of crime

R v Wiggins (2012) – Guildford CC

Junior Alone – Represented defendant in a multi-handed Conspiracy to Convert Criminal Property involving the sale of goods through eBay valued at hundreds of thousands of pounds

R v Young (2012)

Junior alone – Armed Robbery

R v Doyle (2011)

Junior alone – Death by Careless Driving

R v Kokumo and Others (2010/2011) Central Criminal Court

Leading Junior – Multi handed Conspiracy To Murder and Conspiracy to Transfer Firearms following the alleged execution of a co-defendant involved in the Conspiracy to Transfer Firearms following the arrest of suspects in possession of semi automatic firearms and ammunition during a pro-active investigation by Operation Trident

R v Clifford (2011)

Junior alone – Prosecution of a boiler room fraud.

R v Wilson (2011)

Junior alone – Multi handed Conspiracy to Steal commercial vehicles

R v Smith (2010)

Junior Alone – Attempted Murder following a shooting outside a night club

R v W (2010)

Court of Appeal – Led Junior opposing the Crown’s application to quash an acquittal for murder in 1996 and retry the Respondent on “new evidence”.

R v Weston (2010)

Led Junior in the country’s first double jeopardy retrial for murder.

R v Treeby (2010)

Led Junior in a multi-handed trial of 4 family members for the murder and attempted murder of other family members.

R v Otudeko (2010)

Leading Junior – Multi-handed Conspiracy To Supply Heroin and Conspiracy To Use Criminal Property following 2 year covert police operation

R v W (2010)

Court of Appeal – represented the Crown (Fraud Prosecution Service) in opposing a police officer’s appeal against conviction for an offence of Misconduct in Public Office regarding the personal use of a credit card from public monies

R v D (2009)

Junior alone. Represented a psychiatric nurse employed at HMP Lewes accused of stealing drugs from the prison.

R v Browning (2009)

Led Junior. Leading case concerning ‘racial hate crime’. Represented the ‘alleged’ head of ‘Combat 18’

R v Nkundo (2009)

Junior alone. 17 handed violent disorder involving rival gangs in North London.

R v Small (2008)

Led junior. Murder.

R v Kreedy (2008)

Led Junior. 13 handed Conspiracy to Defraud Insurance Companies.

R v Lloyd (2008)

Led junior. Multi handed Murder.

R v Ndzodo & Ors (2007/2008)

Multi-handed conspiracy to defraud – £47million. Represented one of eight defendants

R v Lyndsey (2007)

Led Junior. Multi handed murder

R v Riley & Ors (2007)

Leading Junior. Conspiracy to supply class ‘A’ drugs and money laundering, involving entrapment by undercover police officers. 2 year undercover operation

R v Edwards & Ors (2007)

Leading Junior. Conspiracy to commit robbery with loaded firearms. Operation Trident intelligence-led operation

R v Moses & Ors (2006)

Leading Junior. Conspiracy to handle £1m of stolen motor vehicles

R v Swain

Junior Counsel for defendant charged with Gross Negligence Manslaughter following death of a team member carrying out maintenance work on the national rail network

R v Morris

Junior counsel for one of six defendants (Junior Counsel) charged with murder following investigation by Operation Trident. Crown offered no evidence following service of defence case statement

R v Collard

Junior Counsel for defendant charged with murder having defended himself during an attack at his home

R v Kirlew

Leading Junior. Multi-handed trial following the riot at Harmondsworth Detention Centre where the Crown alleged that £5 million damage was caused

R v Bowers

Leading Junior. Multi-handed conspiracy to defraud Network Rail by the use of ghost employees

R v Gornall

Represented appellant in the Court of Appeal regarding identification procedures involving identical twins

R v Taheri; R v Fenlon; R v Abdi

Represented defendants during Judicial Reviews of custody time limits.