Frances Hertzog

Specialising in crime from the start of her practice, Frances Hertzog developed an enviable reputation with regards to Fraud work and continues the same as a direct access fraud barrister. Her understanding of Money Laundering offences and Asset Recovery has earned  the respect of her peers and clients alike and finds herself in high demand for this type of case.

Frances’ client care is second to none, working tirelessly not only on the case at hand but also in keeping clients up to date with case developments and the most effective ways in developing matters to bring about the best possible result.


Notable recent cases – General Crime

R v AW (2017 – Liverpool Crown Court)

Led Junior; defence of multi-handed conspiracy to cause explosions and conspiracy to burgle involving the theft of ATM machines throughout England and Scotland.

R v JM (2015-17 – Manchester Crown Court)

Led junior; VHCC defence of multi-handed conspiracy to evade the prohibition on the importation and exportation of Class A drugs. FBI led investigation into trading on the dark web’s Silk Road site. Listed for trial in April 2017. Involved the review and analysis of 3 terabytes of data. This is the largest case of its type prosecuted in the UK to date.

R v JW (2016 – Liverpool Crown Court)

Defended multi-handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs throughout England, Wales and Scotland.

R v LT (2016 – Liverpool Crown Court)

Defended multi-handed conspiracy to supply Class A drugs outside of the jurisdiction.

R v JS (2016 – Liverpool Crown Court)

Successfully defended sexual allegations involving the president of the Liverpool University Dance Team.

R v MH (2016 – Liverpool Crown Court)

Successfully defended rape allegations involving complex third party material issues.

R v BC (2016 – Liverpool Crown Court)

Successfully defended international DJ and ex-Brookside actress against a charge of GBH with intent.

R v ZL (2016 – Liverpool Crown Court)

Charge of GBH with intent – defended baby shaking allegations where infant sustained catastrophic brain injuries.

R v BN (2016 – Liverpool Crown Court)

Defended allegations of possession of and attempting to acquire disguised firearms.

R v CA (2016 – Liverpool Crown Court)

Defence of allegations of child cruelty and perverting the course of justice where the defendant was suffering from Munchausen’s by proxy.​

R v TC (2015 – Liverpool Crown Court)

Successful defence of encouraging or assisting the commission of an offence believing one would be committed (s.46 of the Serious Crime Act). Multi-handed conspiracy involving the seizure of in excess of 200kg of paracetamol and caffeine to be used in the adulteration of heroin.

R v ML (2013 – Worcester Crown Court)

​Successful defence of multi-handed conspiracy to steal involving the hijacking of lorries.


Fraud/White Collar Crime

R v NS (2017 – Liverpool Crown Court)

Defence of multi-handed money laundering and tax fraud. Included review and analysis of extensive self-assessment applications and the applicability of the Construction Industry Scheme regulations.

R v LH (2014 – Mold Crown Court)

Led junior; defence of former Company Director accused of multi-million pound mortgage fraud. Included review, analysis and scheduling of extensive mortgage application documentation, company records, company e-mail traffic and mortgage company procedure. Review of complex issues under POCA including inter alia extensive bankruptcy documentation.

Proceeds of Crime Act 2002

Frances is regularly instructed to defend applications under the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 where not trial counsel, to advise and appear in enforcement proceedings and applications for variation.