Lisa Matthews

Lisa Matthews is a highly experienced criminal practitioner who specialises in serious sexual offences and offences against children. She has particular expertise in dealing with very vulnerable witnesses and defendants who suffer from serious physical, mental and emotional disabilities.

Her caseload also includes serious violence including murder, S18 assaults, violent disorder and kidnap.

She also has extensive experience in Fraud and Money Laundering cases having recently been, and currently instructed in, several serious such cases at the Central Criminal Court.

She both prosecutes and defends as a leading junior.

She is a Grade 4 Prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service and is on the Rape Panel. She is a member of the South Eastern Circuit and the Criminal Bar Association.

Recently prosecuted cases

Sharma: Female defendant attempted suicide by jumping under a moving train holding her 5 year old son. She was convicted of attempted murder.

Avadani; Defendant targeted vulnerable woman working as prostitutes then falsely imprisoned them and raped them. He had similar previous convictions in Romania.

Richardson: Defendant convicted of raping his daughter over a 35 year period. She made the allegation when she was in her forties.

Young -Harry: Defendant raped his 7 year old sister-in-law. This was an historic allegation.

Reed: Female defendant posed as a young man on the internet in order to groom young girls for sexual contact.

Thompson: Defendant sexually abused his adult and mentally disabled daughter in the psychiatric hospital where she was living.

Recently defended cases

Miles: Defendant accused of raping his children, nieces and mother-in -law over a 20 year period.

Wainaina: Defendant accused of raping an adult female and a 7 year old girl both tried on the same indictment. He was acquitted of both.

Petersson: Defendant accused of sexually abusing his 3 year old daughter. Case involved cross-examining the child, then 4 years old. The defendant was acquitted.

Doumbia: Defendant accused with 3 others, all youths, of raping a 13 year old girl.

Omer: Defendant, 15, accused of raping a 7 year old boy. He was acquitted.

Keown: Defendant accused of kidnapping, assaulting and raping a drunk woman he met in a public house. He broke her jaw and held her at his home for 24 hours.