Mark Fraser

Call: 2000

Areas of expertise

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Mark’s Expertise Includes:

Serious Crime, Fraud, Bribery & Corruption, Serious Sexual Offences, Disciplinary Tribunals, Mental Health Tribunals, Confiscation

Recent Cases

  • Acted for one of seven defendants in a multi-handed case alleging Murder, Familial Homicide and Perverting the Couse of Public Justice – Acquitted.
  • Acted for one of eight defendants in a multi-handed case separated into two trials alleging Armed Robbery and a multitude of Firearms Offences – Acquitted in both.
  • Acted for one of four defendants in a multi-handed multi-count case alleging Cash in Transit Robberies – Acquitted.


  • For the first defendant in a 25-defendant Conspiracy to Defraud.
  • For one of 34 defendants in what is a nationwide conspiracy to supply drugs and launder the proceeds of that conspiracy.
  • For a one of ten named defendants in a multi-handed nationwide Conspiracy to Defraud and Engage in Misleading Commercial Practices and launder the proceeds of those conspiracies.
  • For one of five named defendants in a multi-handed conspiracy to import hundreds of kilos of cocaine, heroin and cannabis from the continent to Mainland UK.
  • For the first of eight named defendants in case alleging a Conspiracy to Facilitate Sham Marriages (27 Sham Marriages particularised) and launder the proceeds of that conspiracy.

Mark is a defence specialist.

He has a reputation for building a strong rapport with both lay and professional clients based on meticulous preparation, coupled with a direct no-nonsense approach both in and out of court.

He also has a reputation for being able to get the best out of young and vulnerable defendants, including those on the autistic spectrum and clients suffering from mental incapacity and mental illness. His experience extends to cases where an intermediary was required.

Mark has gained a wealth of experience over the years. His first crown court trial involved a defendant serving life imprisonment (for Manslaughter on the basis of Diminished Responsibility) who had taken a young female gaoler hostage. The defence was duress.

Mark regularly appears in cases alleging Murder, Kidnap, Serious Violence, Firearms, Large-Scale Drugs Supply, and Offences of Dishonesty, including Large-Scale Fraud and Money Laundering Cases. He also defends in trials involving Serious Sexual Offences (including Historic Sex Cases).

Mark’s experience includes representing defendants charged with Evasion of Import Duty and Value Added Tax.

His experience in relation to Money Laundering Cases includes a case where he represented a defendant who was found in possession of over £300,000 in cash that was said to the proceeds of Serious Organized Crime.

He has particular experience in representing defendants charged with Causing Death by Dangerous Driving. Having secured acquittal in a dismissal hearing held over three days in a case where the crown alleged a collision between a lorry and cyclist and more recently securing acquittal on the more serious charge of Causing Death by Dangerous Driving and then a reduction of his client’s sentence on appeal (by 50% from 18 to nine months) for the less serious offence of Causing Death by Careless Driving.

Mark has built a strong following with regard advising on the merits of appeal on cases in which he was not originally instructed. He has regularly successfully appealed sentences before the Court of Appeal.

Mark Is Direct Access qualified.