Paul Garlick QC

Chambers UK says of Paul Garlick QC:

Sources enthuse about Garlick’s client care and his deep knowledge of extradition proceedingsĀ “He is one of the top-rank QCs when it comes to extradition and human rights.”

Paul Garlick QC’s practice covers the areas of commercial crime and financial regulatory work, including acting for the CPS, the SFO and the Chartered Institute of Accountants, Health and Safety and other serious crime (for both the prosecution and the defence). He has considerable experience in leading case teams, both in the criminal and regulatory fields.

He has particular expertise in corporate liability for criminal offences and international and cross-border crime. In 1992, he was appointed by the Attorney General as Standing Counsel to HM Customs and Excise. Since then, he has advised and conducted cases on behalf of the prosecution and the defence in the Crown Court, Administrative Court and Court of Appeal in cases involving MTIC Frauds, money laundering, corruption and European criminal law.

Since 2006 Paul Garlick QC has been an International Expert to the International Academy of Environmental Sciences, advising the Directive Council on matters of international environmental law. Since taking silk in 1996, Paul has advised in a number of cases involving allegations against companies of dumping environmentally toxic waste. Recently, Paul successfully defended a leading company in the West Country in a prosecution involving an allegation of dumping prime topsoil in connection with the development of a superstore for a nationally known supermarket company. He has also recently been involved in advising in relation to the international environmental law aspects of an allegation of dumping toxic petrochemicals and radioactive waste.

Corporate Manslaughter and Health and Safety issues are an area in which he enjoys a fast growing reputation. He regularly advises companies and individuals in cases involving fatalities and serious accidents in the workplace.

He is a specialist in extradition, where he has been highly commended by Chambers Directory. He has recently been involved in a number of high profile extradition cases where he represented former directors of the Russian “UKOS” oil company.

In addition, he also undertakes regulatory and disciplinary work, particularly in the financial services sector. He was leading counsel on behalf of the Executive Counsel of the Accountants’ Joint Disciplinary Scheme (JDS) in the recent successful prosecution of KPMG for disciplinary offences in connection with its audit of the collapsed Independent Insurance Group.

Paul Garlick QC and Nicholas Hearn acted in a successful appeal of a District Judge’s decision to order the extradition of a Romanian national pursuant to a European Arrest Warrant. The appeal centred on the application of the new 2009 Framework Decision on retrial rights for those convicted of an extradition offence in their absence. The judgment will be of interest to extradition practitioners: Ernest-Francisc Bohm v Romanian Judicial Authority [2011] EWHC 2671(Admin).

Paul has recently successfully defended in two separate cases at Bristol Crown Court involving charges of manslaughter (brought against the directors personally and the company). The cases involved allegations of criminal manslaughter arising from the fatality of farm workers using agricultural equipment and tractor trailers. He has regularly given lectures to solicitors in London dealing with corporate manslaughter and he has advised multinational companies in respect of their potential liability under The Corporate Manslaughter and a Corporate Homicide Act 2007. As a Recorder in the Crown Court, Paul has dealt with a number of serious corporate health and safety prosecutions resulting in fatalities including the case reported in the press (Salisbury Journal). This case involved the death of a worker who died as a result of a fatal accident in a skip hire business.

Judicial appointments

He is a Recorder of the Crown Court and in 2005, Paul Garlick was the United Kingdom International Judge to the War Crimes Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

International consultancy work

He acts as an international legal expert for the Council of Europe, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in European (OSCE) and the United Kingdom Foreign Office (FCO). He acts as an expert legal consultant in matters involving anti-corruption law throughout the world. In 2009, he carried out an independent evaluation for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) of its anti-corruption and anti-narcotics programmes in Afghanistan. In 2010 he carried out a training programme for judges, prosecutors and defence advocates in Iraq, for the European Union Integrated Rule of Law Mission for Iraq (EUJUST LEX-Iraq). He regularly lectures and trains lawyers and judges throughout the EU, in the Caribbean and the Far East.

In May 2012, Paul was appointed by the EU Commission as a member of the EU Commission Expert Group on EU Criminal Policy.

Paul Garlick QC has been appointed as an International Expert to the Council of Europe. He will be working on a joint project on improving the efficiency of the Turkish Criminal Justice System. The project is a joint project of the European Union, The Council of Europe and the Turkish Bar Association. On 10 and 11 December 2013, Paul Garlick QC participated in the first meeting of the Experts Group in Ankara. The project will provide support to defence lawyers throughout Turkey and Paul will be advising upon the subjects of: cross-examination of witnesses; defence ethics; legal aid; defence strategy and procedural motions. The project is designed to underline the relevance and importance of the European Convention on Human Rights to the Turkish criminal justice system. The project will continue throughout 2014 and will include the production of highly practical booklets and workshops for use by defence lawyers throughout Turkey and it will provide training in the effective use of the ECHR in their legal practices.

Areas of practice

Serious Fraud and anti-corruption, Health and Safety, Extradition, Human rights law, Public Law, Disciplinary and Regulatory Law.
He is a member of the CBA, the ECBA and ARDL.

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