Christopher Baur

Christopher Baur has appeared in many cases involving major crime. As a cross section of the work he has done over the last couple of years there have been four major conspiracy trials concerning the supply of Class A drugs – he points out with all modesty that he has secured an acquittal in each and every case. He is prepared to go out of London and as an illustration these four trials were in Bristol, Winchester, Portsmouth and Reading.

He frequently defends in rape and serious sexual assault cases and handles them with great sensitivity. In the last couple of years these cases have included historical rape (45 years ago), rape by a mental health carer of his patient, Rape of his charges by a foster parent and other extremely difficult cases.

One particular area of expertise is fraud. Again as a cross section of the defence work over the last two years there have been three lengthy fraud cases – each has resulted in an acquittal. In one major mortgage fraud where the defendant was alleged to be the second in command the other 14 defendants pleaded and Chris Baur’s client fought and was acquitted.

A further area of expertise is in confiscation where he has a good working knowledge and is at present involved in a long and complicated hearing relating to hidden assets.

He also appears in the Court of Appeal – A recent case, Riat & Others, was a guideline case relating to hearsay and the conduct of cases in the absence of a complainant.

A recent success was R v Dele Paul in the Court of Appeal on 17th November 2011 where a conviction for GBH S18 (2 x 6 year sentences) was quashed after
Failure by defence counsel to advise appeal, and refusal of leave by the Single Judge.

Speaks fluent French which can be very re-assuring for French speaking defendants.