Kieran Galvin

Kieran Galvin is an advocate who is regularly instructed in high profile cases. Kieran specialises in fraud and medical discipline cases. He has successfully defended in two cases arising out of the Morecambe Bay Trust enquiry. He has defended a Doctor accused of an assault in his own surgery and is currently advising an ex-Doctor regarding an appeal to the GMC.

Kieran Galvin is a former fraud squad and CID officer within the Metropolitan Police. He has detailed knowledge of investigative procedures and covert surveillance. He has represented a former Detective Inspector before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal.

Kieran Galvin is currently instructed in a major NMC disciplinary case that involves a root and branch enquiry into the working practice of a care home which is expected to last 12 weeks.

Other current instructions involve defended a midwife accused of contributing to the death of a mother in labour. Representing a midwife who’s alleged inaction led to a woman developing sepsis and losing her child and another case involving a home birth that involved the woman developing Sheehan’s Syndrome again allegedly caused by lack of medical intervention.

All these matters are to be contested.

Kieran Galvin is currently advising pre-charge in two major frauds in the North of England.

Another are of work is private prosecutions. Currently instructed to to prosecute in two very substantial frauds.

Recent Notable Cases

Serious Crime

In January 2015 Kieran defended G who was charged with 4 others accused of conspiracy to blackmail, conspiracy to cause GBH and conspiracy to kidnap. The case arose following a lengthy NCA investigation into alleged protection rackets within the Turkish community. The case involved the extensive use of ‘probe’ evidence, probes being secreted in vehicles, houses 1 and even telephone boxes. Following a 6-week trial at Woolwich Crown Court G was acquitted of all charges.

Morecambe Bay Trust Disciplinary Cases

Kieran was instructed to defend a midwife, M, before the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC). Following a two week hearing allegations that a string of errors had endangered the life of a new-born child were dismissed. -scandal-hit-maternity-unit-11-babies-died-cleared-misconduct.html

The same midwife was implicated in the death of a newborn child on another occasion. In a separate hearing spanning 5 working days all charges were dismissed following submissions, unusually on the R v Turnbull provisions, at the close of the NMC’s case.


In October 2014 Kieran, instructed by Fladgate LLP, represented the family of Nigel Stepney, the former Formula 1 mechanic who help lead Michael Schumacher to numerous world championships at the inquest into his death. Mr Stepney was killed when he was hit by a lorry on the M20 in the early hours of May 2nd 2014. The Coroner returned an Open Verdict.

Kieran has represented nurses and prison officers at inquests in the recent months.

Serious Fraud 

In January 2016 Kieran represented C charged with 3 others with duty evasion in relation to the importation of 10,000,000 cigarettes from Northern Ireland into the UK. C was the only defendant to be acquitted following a three week trial. Other defendants were sentenced to a total of 8 years imprisonment.

R v Faraday

Kieran represented John Faraday who had pleaded guilty to cheating the revenue following a three year investigation into a cage fighting tax fraud. Faraday was sentenced to 3 years and 4 months following Kieran’s detailed submissions on the role he played. Faraday received the lowest sentence of any of the principal defendants in this fraud. Blackfriars Crown Court 2015.

Fraud Practise Overview

Kieran has defended in many of the major frauds prosecuted in the last decade including the Cheney Pension Fraud, London City Bond (the first ever successful appeal against conviction) and Anglo-American. This the largest complex advance fee fraud prosecuted by the SFO.

Other unusual and complex frauds that Kieran has defended in include a fraud on the patent office, a huge fraud involving factoring debts with Hewlett Packard (Future Network Systems) and a prosecution by the Special Compliance Office of the Inland Revenue into an extensive fraud orchestrated by an accountant.

Over the recent years Kieran has defended in numerous MTIC frauds notably Operation Gnawed at Nottingham Crown Court, Operation Devout at Northampton Crown Court, R v M a £54 million pound diversion fraud at Worcester Crown Court and R v Khan at Southampton Crown Court. Each of these cases resulted in an acquittal.

Football Related Fraud Cases

Kieran has acted for the directors of Boston United and Chesterfield football clubs, both accused of serious fraud at respectively Southwark and Derby Crown Courts.

Serious Crime Overview

Kieran has always defended in serious criminal cases alongside his fraud practice. He tends to be instructed very early in the proceedings and is always happy to advise pre-charge and often pre-arrest. Below is a selection of notable cases.

Full details of all these cases are available from Stephen Ball Senior Clerk.

Operation Alpington was a SOCA investigation into myriad drug conspiracies involving importation of industrial quantities of cocaine into the UK. The evidence was principally from a Colombian ‘super-grass’ and covert tape recording. Kieran is an expert in Colombian drug affairs and detailed research into the activities of the ‘North Valley Cartel’ and its operating procedure, pertinent requests for disclosure led to the acquittal of the principal defendant but also to the collapse of two ‘follow-on’ trials all listed at the Old Bailey.

The Bishop’s Stortford Massacre. Kieran, instructed by Bark & Co Solicitors, acted for the principal defendant in a triple murder heard at St Albans Crown Court. The case involved detailed ballistic evidence, an area that Kieran has particular expertise in.

SOCA and NCA Cases

R v H

Kingston Crown Court This case involved the importation of over 20 tonnes of cannabis into the UK.

R v B

Kingston Crown Court The largest counterfeiting case prosecuted to date. The case involved the printing of over £50,000,000 million pounds of counterfeit £20 pound notes using state of the art printing machinery.

R v DW

Reading Crown Court The first case to be brought under the Serious Crime Act 2007. The case involved the sale of over 20 tonnes of precursor chemicals to drug suppliers throughout the UK.

R (NCA) v LD

Plymouth Crown Court An NCA investigation into witness intimidation and perverting the course of justice. 8475-detail/story.html

Police Discipline

Kieran Galvin has a nationwide police disciplinary practice and has appeared extensively before the Police Appeals Tribunal.

Recent (2015) police cases include winning a Crown Court appeal for a serving officer convicted by a District Judge of harassment and securing the acquittal of a serving detective accused of assault on police and possessing a dangerous dog.

Kieran has acted for police officers in forces all over the country most notably in the ‘Harehills Riot’ case in West Yorkshire and Operation Granite, a ten-year corruption enquiry within the 5 Cleveland Constabulary.

He is regularly contacted by officers for early advice in discipline matters.

Other Regulatory Work

Kieran regularly appears before both the NMC and HCPC and has an unrivalled degree of success in securing the careers of dedicated healthcare professionals.

Recent Regulatory Work

NMC v O (November 2016).

Midwife O, a Band 7 Ward Co-ordinator, before the Conduct and Competency Committee of the NMC. O faced 49 charges, many alleging theft of diamorphine and dishonesty over many months. The Panel found all the charges in relation to the theft of controlled drugs and dishonest working practices Not Proved. Admitted matters in relation to record keeping were dealt with by way of 12 months Conditions of Practice Order

NMC v B (October 2016)

Kieran defended nurse B before the Conduct and Competence Committee of the NMC. B, whilst employed as a senior Band 7 nurse was accused of dishonest working practices in relation to overtime working over a period of a year. All the dishonesty charges were found Not Proven and the Panel found that there was no misconduct.

HCPC v H (October 2016)

Kieran Galvin instructed by Gary Rubin, Head of Regulatory Law at Blackfords LLP, represented Social Worker H before the Health and Care Professions Council. H faced allegations of dishonesty and neglect. Following a three day hearing H was cleared of any 6 misconduct. Instructions were received late and a complex case was fully prepared within days of the final hearing.

NMC v B (October 2016)

Kieran represented B, a senior RMN, who was accused of dishonest working practices in relation to overtime working over a period of a year. All the dishonesty charges were found Not Proven and the Panel found there was no misconduct.

Driving Offences

Kieran has extensive experience of ‘exceptional hardship’ hearings and other driving related matters. Recently Kieran has represented Graham Roberts, the former Spurs footballer at a successful exceptional hardship hearing in Halifax Magistrates Court and a London based businessman in a successful appeal against a conviction for failing to provide driver details at Middlesbrough Crown Court.


‘When I receive new instructions Kieran is the first person I call. He has a wealth of knowledge in criminal and regulatory matters and instinctively knows how to handle a case from the beginning. I have instructed Kieran on a range of cases from fraud to driving matters and he has an excellent rate of acquittals. Kieran goes the extra mile in pursuit of justice and to get results for the client. Clients are always extremely impressed with Mr Galvin and his handling of their case, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him’. Michelle George – Blackfords Solicitors Further testimonials are available from Stephen Ball Senior Clerk


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