Paul Spreadborough

Call: 2002

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Paul is a busy Defence practitioner receiving instructions as junior alone and leading junior. He is regularly instructed in matters of serious criminal conduct involving allegations of murder, kidnap, torture, armed robbery, theft, fraud, money laundering, firearms, drugs importation production and distribution.

Those who instruct Paul have commented upon his ability to provide a concise appraisal of evidence and comprehensive advice to professional and lay clients. He is highly regarding for his energetic, fearless and tenacious representation of clients.

Paul also has experience of representing professionals in disciplinary and regulatory proceedings and individuals in education statutory appeals and other rights of access hearings.

Recent cases

R v C & Ors – Representing first defendant charged with organising the use of a portfolio of over 50 residential and commercial properties for the cultivation of cannabis by Albanian crime gang.

R v L & Ors – Representing company secretary of business alleged to be responsible for fraudulent sale of mobile phone insurance committed over five year period against thousands of individuals.

R v B & Ors. – Client alleged to be involved in importation of 250 kilos of amphetamine sulphate.

R v R & Ors. – One of 28 Defendants involved in tobacco smuggling ring alleged to have avoided revenue in excess of £25 million.

R v B-T & Ors – Gang murder allegation in response to escalating local rivalry and tit for tat knife attacks.

R v P – Company director alleged to have stolen in excess of £2.5 million from company assets.

R v T & Ors. – Representing first defendant, alleged leader of regional crime gang, in proceedings where 12 defendants said to be involved in wholesale distribution of importation quality cocaine and possession of firearms with intent to endanger life.

Notable completed cases

R v Manning & Ors. – Thorough examination of unused material and careful drafting of a series of disclosure requests exposed catastrophic failings in investigations and disclosure by specialist police task force. Trial halted after cross examination of series of police and Crown witnesses before any of the four defendants who contested proceedings were called upon to give evidence in allegations of mortgage fraud and money laundering on a portfolio of over 40 properties in the U.K. and overseas.

R v Khatun & Ors. – Secured acquittal of client accused of being party to false imprisonment and s.18 grievous bodily harm committed upon mother in law in the course of 36 hour faith based exorcism.

R v Uzoma-Ubani and Ors. – Complex and diverse benefit fraud involving the acquisition and use of hundreds of false and hijacked identities and interception of forces mail to obtain access to benefits and banking details. Funds then extracted from forces staff bank accounts various state funds before being laundered through a network of thousands of bank accounts.

R v Woodbridge – Trial followed by re-trial on allegation of child destruction resulting in acquittal. Submissions made on complex area of witness compellability and evidential value of previous written statements abandoned by hostile witness rejected by original trial judge but upheld by second trial judge.

R v Boateng – Successfully conducted Newton Hearing regarding knowledge of individual asked to store illicit package later discovered to be firearm and ammunition.

Re XXX – Application to High Court for Judicial Review of prosecution decision to disclose, and trial Judge’s refusal to restrict disclosure on request of defence, of details of information provided to police by defendant in an ongoing murder trial. Obtained interim injunction against disclosure of material followed by quashing of decision of prosecution not to apply to trial judge for non disclosure of material on grounds of public interest immunity.

R v Wellington & Ors. – Leader of gang of 18 youths involved in cash in transit robberies indicted for over £450k proceeds.

R v Ivanova – Conspiracy to import 35kg of cocaine.

R v Ali & Ors.– Successfully defended against allegations of conspiracy to kidnap and cause grievous bodily harm.

R v Ketchiemi & Ors. – Successfully defended against allegation of conspiracy to defraud £47m, conspiracy to launder proceeds of crime.

R v Hirsi & Ors. – Allegation of series of 35 armed robberies on bookmakers and other establishments.