Lisa Wilding QC and Craig Harris secure £20K+ increase in PPE for solicitors and counsel following murder trial

August 1, 2016

Following a murder trial in which they acted for Salma Begum at the end of 2015, as part of a seven-handed case, Lisa Wilding QC and Craig Harris acted for multiple solicitors and counsel in appeals against the LAA’s assessment of the PPE payable in the case.  Defence firms and counsel were paid to the value of less than 10k PPE, later increased to 10k and then reduced again by way of recoupment.  At a recent SCCO appeal hearing, they successfully argued that the PPE should be in excess of 30k pages – securing an uplift of more than 20k PPE for solicitors and counsel involved in the case.  The decision is likely to be of significant use to those involved in future such disputes.  Please contact Chambers clerks to discuss the instruction of specialist counsel for such proceedings.