No pupillage at Furnival Chambers is offered with a guarantee of (or with a view to) further pupillage or tenancy at its conclusion. All pupils must apply for such further pupillages and/or tenancies as may be available.

Within 1 month prior to the conclusion of pupillage pupils can (and will be invited to) apply to the Tenancy Committee for a tenancy by means of presenting their CV.

Junior tenants may be recruited from in-house pupils at the conclusion of their pupillage. They will be considered alongside any external candidates (as to which Chambers will advertise generally for prospective junior tenants before making any decision).

Applications for junior tenancies are considered by the Tenancy Committee, itself elected on an annual basis by the whole of Chambers. Junior tenancies are awarded on an equal and non-discriminatory basis. Junior tenancies are offered according to available work and merit. In order to determine the latter, the Tenancy Committee will (in addition to its own knowledge of the pupil in question):

  1. Pay careful regard to the content of the Bar Council checklists completed throughout pupillage, together with any work diary maintained by the pupil,
  2. Pay careful regard to the appraisal forms completed by each of the pupil’s Supervisors and will consult each Pupil Supervisor in person to discuss the contents of the forms,
  3. Also invite and consider feedback from the clerks (who will also provide the Committee with feedback from solicitors) and those members of Chambers responsible for conducting the advocacy workshops.

Chambers undertakes to advise pupils at least 3 weeks prior to the conclusion of pupillage if a limited number (or no) tenancies will be available. In the event that tenancies will be available to those pupils deemed to merit them, decisions will be made known at least 2 weeks prior to the conclusion of pupillage, if not earlier. Ultimately, Chambers will not offer a tenancy to any pupil who is not deemed to have the ability, determination and potential to make an outstanding Barrister, advocate and ambassador for Furnival Chambers and to create and sustain a successful practice.

If a pupil fails to obtain a tenancy or 3rd or 4th six month pupillage, they will be given 6 weeks’ notice to find a pupillage or tenancy elsewhere. During that 6-week period, the pupil will be permitted to ‘squat’ in Chambers with no obligation to pay rent. The pupil will be afforded full and unrestricted access to all Chambers’ facilities (including clerking facilities) without discrimination during that period.

If a pupil has failed to find such a place at the end of the notice period, they can apply to the Pupillage Committee for an extension of the squatting period on a monthly basis, but such an application will only be granted in exceptional circumstances.