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Client service

As one of its primary objectives, Furnival Chambers endeavour ‘to provide an excellent legal service to its clients in the area of criminal law’.  These Chambers and its barristers accept and discharge their responsibility to ensure that the needs, concerns and interests of our clients are constantly kept in view, and addressed with professionalism, courtesy and respect. This duty of care extends beyond professional and lay clients to anyone who visits Chambers.

Members of Chambers who are authorised to practise in England and Wales can be found on the Barristers’ Register. This shows whether they have a current practising certificate and any disciplinary findings.

Maintaining service expectations: Members of Chambers will endeavour to provide legal services promptly and efficiently however there may be occasions when timescales cannot be met due to:

  • Counsel’s availability.
  • Availability of the client or relevant third parties.
  • Complexity of the case
  • Amount of papers to be reviewed
  • The need for additional information or documents

Fee structures and pricing models.

Because Members of Chambers cover a wide variety of work, a variety of pricing models are available. The most common are brief and refresher fees, hourly rates, fixed fees and Conditional Fee Agreements. Professional, licensed access and lay clients may contact the clerks to obtain a quotation for legal services.

Chambers’ written policy serves:

  • To act as a focal point for information on Chambers policy and practice
  • To provide a high standard of service and client care
  • To ensure compliance with Chambers procedure

Our management structure is tailored to ensure standards are met and maintained through training, monitoring and management review. This is a cyclical process involving planning, action, review and evaluation of the stated aims and objectives defined by the Board of Directors, as well as looking at the effectiveness of procedures. Management reviews are conducted by each of our committees.  At every Directors’ meeting, the Senior Clerk or Chambers Manager reviews the effectiveness of clerking procedures. Furthermore, an overall Management Review takes place annually to consider the progress of the Chambers in the previous year.


We hope that the outcome of this approach is a high-class service that will exceed expectation. However, if you do have any concerns we will make every effort to resolve them and we have both informal and formal routes in place for you to raise your concerns.  Download our Complaints Procedure

The Legal Ombudsman’s Office provides data regarding decisions in the previous 12 months. This allows you to see whether a barrister was required to provide a consumer with a remedy. This data can be accessed using the link here