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Courts martial

We have a specialist Courts Martial team with extensive experience in dealing with military cases. We accept instructions privately, via solicitors or via the Armed Forces Criminal Legal Aid Authority (AFCLAA). Our team understands the unique challenges which face servicemen and servicewomen accused of offences arising within a military or civilian setting.

Furnival Chambers can provide advocacy and advice in the following cases:

  • Courts Martial in the UK or abroad;
  • Appeals to the Courts Martial Appeal Court;
  • Service summary dealing;
  • AGAI 67 administrative action;
  • Service Inquiries;
  • Cases involving service personnel before UK Civilian Courts;

Members of chambers have experience of dealing with cases of the upmost gravity involving the Army, Navy and Royal Air Force. We have recent experience in cases involving the British operations in Afghanistan, Iraq and Northern Ireland. Some members of chambers have operational military experience.