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Furnival Chambers offers expertise in acting in whistleblowing cases, especially where the whistleblowing disclosures (the Public Interest Disclosures) involve information about criminal offences, or other serious misconduct.

 Whistleblowing is a technically difficult area of employment law in which Furnival Chambers are well placed to advise, and provide the advocacy for the most difficult of trials – using the advocacy skills of prosecuting and defending serious crime.

 Whistleblowing claims often involve a greater degree of investigation than other civil claims, seeking evidence where it can be obtained, and understanding complex misconduct in modern industry, the NHS, banking and public bodies.

 Some employees  may  not realise that they have “whistleblown”, they may believe they were simply raising professional concerns.  However, following this, their career may suffer, and they may suffer unexplained detriments.

 Furnival Chambers has appeared in Employment Tribunals and the appeal courts.