Man walking past railings

After a six-week trial, Frida Hussain KC and Victoria Smith-Swain have secured a unanimous acquittal in a terrorism case.

The trial, held at Leeds Crown Court, brought to light serious allegations against Christine Grayson and her co-accused, Darren Reynolds. The prosecution accused Ms. Grayson of conspiracy to cause criminal damage to 5G masts and an offence of encouraging or inciting an act of terrorism. The charges stemmed from her postings on the social media platform Telegram and alleged involvement in encouraging serious violence towards the police and hanging of MPs to advance an extreme far-right ideology.

While the jury acquitted Ms. Grayson of the terrorism charge, they found her guilty of the charge of conspiracy to cause criminal damage. She was sentenced today to a term of 12 months’ imprisonment which meant that, due to the time already served on remand, Ms. Grayson was released immediately from custody.

The co-accused, Darren Reynolds, was convicted of eight terrorism offences and received a sentence of 12 years imprisonment. Press story here

Frida Hussain KC and Victoria Smith-Swain were instructed by Nafeesa Khaliq at Kings Solicitors.