Nicola Shannon

Nicola Shannon prosecutes and defends as a Leading Junior. Her practice is focused on Serious and Complex Crime, with an emphasis on organised crime, fraud, modern slavery and serious sexual offences.  Many of her cases involve intelligence-led investigations and international mutual legal assistance. A highly skilled advocate, she is also valued for her expertise in […]

Manveer Cheema

Lily Roberts Phelps

“Lily’s results speak for themselves… Her tenacity and persistence coupled with her ability to add the gentle touch where it requires it, is a wonderful balance of skill and flair.” (Stuart Miller Solicitors)  Lily appears daily in the Crown, Magistrates’ and Youth Courts across a broad range of criminal matters. This includes sexual offences, violence, […]

Adam Squibbs

Adam appears daily in the Crown, Magistrates’ and Youth Courts across a broad spectrum of criminal matters, including violence, dishonesty, drugs, sex, breach of court orders and driving. He also handles extradition cases. Solicitors have noted that Adam is “extremely hardworking” and say that “he is fantastic at analysing prosecution papers and spotting the weaknesses […]

Tyrone Silcott

Tyrone is specialist in cases involving violent crime, financial fraud, young offenders, sexual offences and prosecution work. He came to the bar after a successful career in the Financial Services industry. He now undertakes a variety of work defending and prosecuting in the Crown Court and is a CPS Level 4 Prosecutor. As winner of […]

Margia Mostafa

Margia is an accomplished barrister with a steely determination to succeed whether she is prosecuting or defending. She has 21 years’ experience at the independent bar. Her calm and approachable style makes her very popular with professional and lay clients. Margia is fair and measured when prosecuting and fearless in her defence practice. She is […]

Mark McDonald

Mark McDonald has a formidable reputation within criminal law. He specialises in criminal defence and has experience across all offences.  Mark has led in a number of trials involving serious offences. Mark is regularly instructed in cases involving murder, serious assaults, rape, organised crime and Terrorism.  He is known for the thoroughness of his preparation, […]

Harry MacDonald

Harry is an established advocate enjoying a busy practice. He specialises in the prosecution and defence of serious crimes. He has acted, either as led junior or as junior alone, in a wide range of cases consistently involving the gravest allegations of violence, drugs, dishonesty and sexual offending. Harry has particular experience of the complex […]

Kane Sharpe

Kane appears daily in the Crown, Magistrates’ and Youth courts across a broad range of criminal matters including violence, dishonesty, drugs, possession of weapons and public disorder. As well as a busy general crime practice, Kane has court experience of matters with a quasi-criminal or civil aspect, including Sexual Harm Prevention Order and civil Closure […]

Iwona Boesche

“Iwona will always go that extra mile in securing the best possible outcome for each client.” Banks & Partners Solicitors Iwona has a wide-ranging criminal practice and appears daily in Crown, Magistrates’ and Youth Court. She defends in cases involving sexual offences, offences of violence and dishonesty, knives and firearms, as well as road traffic […]