Adam Squibbs

Call: 2016

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Adam appears daily in the Crown, Magistrates’ and Youth Courts across a broad spectrum of criminal matters, including violence, dishonesty, drugs, sex, breach of court orders and driving. He also handles extradition cases.

Solicitors have noted that Adam is “extremely hardworking” and say that “he is fantastic at analysing prosecution papers and spotting the weaknesses at an early stage”. With this approach, Adam has a track record in making successful submissions of no case to answer, securing acquittals at trial without the defendant needing to give evidence and persuading the CPS to discontinue cases before the first hearing.

In court, Adam fearlessly represents his clients and “always goes the extra mile”. One particular Crown Court judge described his submissions as “well structured, well presented and impressive”.

Notable cases

R v RA, Wood Green Crown Court (2021):  Adam secured the acquittal of RA, who was alleged to have played the leading role in a 6-man knifepoint robbery in which a smart car was stolen. The key issue was identification. 

R v MB & Ors, Croydon Magistrates’ Court (2021): Three-handed assault trial arising from a long-standing neighbour dispute. After a careful analysis of the CCTV footage, Adam persuaded the judge to accept a submission of no case to answer.

R v JT & Ors, Stratford Youth Court (2021): Multi-handed youth robbery trial. Adam exposed the weaknesses in the Crown’s case to secure an acquittal without JT needing to give evidence.

R v BB, Thames Magistrates’ Court (2021): Adam persuaded the CPS to withdraw a charge of breaching a restraining order on public interest grounds. This was notwithstanding that a conviction would have put BB in breach of a suspended sentence imposed for breaching the same order on a previous occasion.

R v AD, Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court (2021): AD pleaded guilty to being in charge of a motor vehicle with 136 micrograms of alcohol per 100 millilitres of breath. The offending fell within the highest category of the sentencing guidelines. Adam persuaded the sentencing magistrates not to disqualify AD from driving.

R v FG, Hendon Magistrates’ Court (2020): FG faced trial for one charge of theft by finding. He had been convicted of 161 previous dishonesty offences, a fact relied on by the Crown at trial. Adam was able to effectively guide FG, who had schizophrenia, through his evidence in chief. After extensive closing submissions, FG was acquitted.

R v KP, Lewes Crown Court (2020): Appeal against the length of a 32-month driving disqualification arising from two instances of drink driving. The disqualification was reduced by 6 months. The success of the appeal depended on Adam persuading the court both that the Crown’s interpretation of section 34 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act was incorrect and that KP’s personal mitigation should have been given more weight.

R v PK, Bromley Magistrates’ Court (2020): PK pleaded guilty to possession of a prohibited weapon after he had sprayed CS gas at his roommate. Adam persuaded the sentencing judge to impose a conditional discharge.

R v JK, Bromley Magistrates’ Court (2020): Adam persuaded the magistrates to grant bail to a defendant charged with converting a large number of imitation firearms into viable weapons.

R v ZM, Highbury Corner Magistrates’ Court (2020): ZM faced one charge of assault and one charge of criminal damage. Adam undermined the complainant’s credibility in cross-examination. He also successfully excluded body worn footage and ZM’s interview, both of which damaged ZM’s case. ZM was acquitted without needing to give evidence.

R v HH, Westminster Magistrates’ Court (2020): HH caused an injury to a police officer by punching him. She also spat in his face whilst he was trying to enforce Covid-19 restrictions. Adam persuaded the sentencing magistrates to deal with the matter by way of a financial penalty.

Education and Awards

The Honourable Society of the Inner Temple:

  • Major Exhibition Award.
  • Duke of Edinburgh Entrance Award.
  • Winning team (Inner Temple) in the national final of the Telders International Law Moot Court Competition. Represented England in the international final in The Hague.

BPP Law School:

  • BPTC, Outstanding.

Pembroke College, University of Cambridge:

  • Law (BA), 2:1.

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