Chris Meredith

Chris Meredith

Call: 1988


Chris Meredith is a highly experienced and successful leading advocate, and has specialised in violent crime defence work for over 20 years. He has appeared in over twenty murder trials and innumerable high profile rape trials, in both junior and leading capacities, invariably with success. Since 2000 he has appeared in nine murder trials and in each case the defendant was acquitted of murder. He has successfully represented defendants in Organised Crime trials and Corruption trials and is experienced in trials involving sexual offences, kidnapping, robbery and firearms, drugs importations, fraud & money laundering.

Chris is also an experienced advocate in the appellate courts with a recent and notable success in an appeal from the House of Lords to the European Court of Human Rights, in the leading case on money laundering – R. v. Soneji & Bullen.  This case involved ‘contracts’ with numerous bureaux de change in and around London.

For many years Chris has retained a keen interest in financial crime and has represented directors in cases ranging from arms exportation frauds, carousel, revenue and VAT frauds across the spectrum to City and corporate frauds involving bankruptcy frauds and liquidation frauds. Recently, he successfully represented a company at a coroner’s inquest charged with the unlawful killing of three care home residents where unfavourable verdicts would have led to corporate manslaughter charges.

Chris has undertaken FSA training courses, is a keen trader of stocks, options, ETF’s and currencies on the UK, American and Canadian Eexchanges, and currently manages a number of portfolios in addition to being Managing Director of the company – Green Marine Technologies Ltd. This background is enormously helpful in deciphering complex fraud cases and representing those charged with fraud offences.

Chris was called to Bar by the Inner Temple and is a member of Criminal Bar Association and South Eastern Circuit.