Darryl Cherrett

Darryl is regularly instructed as leading junior, led junior and junior alone defence counsel in the most serious and complex criminal cases and has been for a number of years.

Darryl particular specialises in Serious fraud and money laundering cases and serious organised crime. He also specialises in grave violent crimes and organised criminal conspiracies pertaining to drugs, importation and theft.

Darryl worked for many years for a prominent firm of solicitors before coming to the Bar and therefore has significant insight into both branches of the criminal defence sector. He is known for his attention to detail, relaxed manner and his meticulous preparation.


Notable cases over the past year and ongoing

R v Edge and others, August 2016 (Led Junior). Successful defence Murder

R v Hawgood and Cripps, December 2016 (Led Junior). Successful defence Murder.

R v Jackson, June 2016. Following successful defence of blackmail charges. Darryl successfully defended Mr Jackson on multi million pound money laundering charges.

Operation Kadenza, November 2016.  Largest UK “vishing” Fraud”

R v RA and 9 others, April 2017. Successful defence in a large scale prison violence in Feltham YOI

R v BW and 9 others. Conspiracy to steal expensive bikes from rail stations across Herts and London

R v Nicolas et al. Successful defence for the second time of a young man charged with kidnap, s.18, black mail and false imprisonment.

R v Dipesh Kumar Patel et al. Large scale income tax fraud.

Operation Revulose, ongoing. Conspiracy to steal, handle stolen cars, possession of firearms and Arson

R v Ashraf and 8 others, to be heard July 2017. Conspiracy to commit a number of Robberies

R v Khan et al, to be heard September 2017. Large scale banking fraud and associated money laundering

R v Wood, to be heard January 2018. Large scale missing trader construction fraud.


Reported Cases

R v Vilhette (Edson) [2011] EWCA Crim. 1849    


Homicide and Corporate Manslaughter

R v Campbell et al 2008, Led Junior, Murder Acquitted. R v Boateng et al 2009, Led Junior, Murder Acquitted.

R v Jetter et al 2009, Led Junior, Murder.

R v Vargas-Bemudez 2011. Led Junior. Murder. Acquitted


Fraud and Financial Crime

Darryl is regularly instructed as leading junior or junior alone to defend clients charged with fraud and money laundering offences involving millions of pounds.

R v Lajauskas et al 2010, Leading Junior, Conspiracy to Ring over £700,000 of cars. Convicted but secured a minimal sentence and POCA order considering he was first on the indictment.

R v Lungumbu et al 2010, Leading Junior, Conspiracy to Defraud major charities including Comic Relief, the Big Lottery Fund and Children in Need.  Acquitted

Operation Compost 2010, 12 defendants, Leading Junior, Conspiracy to Evade Excise Duty on Hydrocarbon Oils worth in excess of £10 million and laundering the profits. Acquitted

R v White 2012. Led Junior, multi million pound, well publicised benefit fraud. Acquitted.

R v Saadat 2013. Retrial due in September 2014. Leading Junior, allegation of multi million pound money laundering.

R v Goss 2015, Junior Alone. 12 week trial of a large scale conspiracy to covert criminal property (stolen plant) resulted in a hung jury. Retrial set for January 2016.

R v Bashir, Junior Alone. Defendant charged with defrauding her disabled brother to the sum of £1.5 million


General Crime

Darryl is instructed on the whole range of general crime, notably:

R v Jonno Johnson 2012, 10 defendants charged with conspiring to commit numerous acts of arson. A well publicised incident from this year. 4 million pounds worth of damage was caused to the M1 motorway and surrounding buildings causing part of the motorway to be shut for 4 weeks. Acquitted.

R v Vilhette (Edson) [2011] EWCA Crim. 1849

R v Chohan 2015. Darryl is currently defending in a 4 week case in Manchester involving allegations of false imprisonment, Rape and human trafficking for exploitation.



Organised Crime

R v Hill 2013 Junior alone acquitted. Darryl represented D1in trial 2 of a large scale conspiracy to supply class A drugs in Northampton Crown Court.

R v Ngoe Tien Ly 2012, Led Junior, 23 defendants charged with the largest conspiracy to produce and supply Cannabis seen in the UK.

R v Hill 2014. 25 defendants accused of conspiracy to supply class A drugs in Northamptonshire andHampshire.



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