Harry Garside

Harry Garside

Call: 2020


Harry is a specialist criminal barrister with a busy Crown Court practice. He appears for both the prosecution and the defence. Harry has experience across a broad range of criminal cases, including drug conspiracies, serious violence, firearms, fraud, robberies, and burglaries.

He is also available for instruction in extradition cases.

He has a calm and friendly manner and has extensive experience in dealing with vulnerable clients.

One judge described him as “thoughtful, calm, and measured in his approach and he displays a level of skill and maturity which belies his juniority.” A judge at the Central Criminal Court described his advocacy as “clear, concise and persuasive” and that he will have “a promising career at the criminal Bar.”

Notable Cases


R v C, Luton Crown Court [2023] – Successfully prosecuted a high-level EncroChat drug trafficking case. Over a five-day trial at Luton Crown Court, Harry appeared as the sole advocate for the Crown. The case had been investigated by the NCA, and Bedfordshire Police. The defendant was an Albanian organised crime group leader concerned in the supply of over 190kg of cocaine and heroin over a 2-month period. The wholesale value of the drugs was around £7.5 million. The defendant denied that he was the user of the EncroChat phone. Cell site data and intercepted messages were used at trial. The defendant was unanimously convicted by the jury and sentenced to 20 years’ imprisonment.

R v KH and JP, Isleworth Crown Court [2023] – Encrochat case involving two separate conspiracies to import cocaine. 505kg was imported into Belgium, and 32kg was imported into South Africa. Defendants were sentenced to 16 and 11 years 6 months respectively.

R v AS, Hove Crown Court [2023] – Defendant sentenced to 6 years’ imprisonment for possession of two semi-automatic pistols and other firearms.

R v CH, Central Criminal Court [2023] – Defendant sentenced to 10 years 6 months’ imprisonment for causing death by dangerous driving and three counts of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

R v CR, Isleworth Crown Court [2022] – Successful prosecution of defendant for coercive and controlling behaviour and other offences of violence.

R v EB, Hove Crown Court [2023] – Successful prosecution of defendant for possession with intent to supply crack and heroin.

R v DC, Aylesbury Crown Court [2022] – Successful prosecution of defendant for attacking a prison officer, breaking his nose and teeth. Defendant was serving a life sentence for murder at the time of the offence.


R v JP, Exeter Crown Court [2023] – JP was a member of a county lines drug conspiracy and was a third striker. After guilty pleas, Harry persuaded the judge that the mandatory 7-year sentence would be unjust, and the client received a 23-month suspended sentence. For Thomas Boyd Whyte.

R v EL, Inner London Crown Court [2022] – Successful defence of duress on two counts of possession with intent to supply heroin and crack cocaine. Client was a third striker, and the jury were aware of his previous convictions. For Bark & Co.

R v SB, Harrow Crown Court [2023] – The client was charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm against his wife. He was alleged to have strangled and beaten her, knocking her teeth out and ripping her clothes. There was photographic and medical evidence. The complainant’s credibility was robustly challenged, and the client was unanimously acquitted in an hour. For Stuart Miller Solicitors.

R v LM, Central Criminal Court [2022] – The client had chased the complainant into a shop with a knife and was also in possession of two baseball bats. He had extensive antecedents and was subject to the mandatory minimum sentencing provisions. Following guilty pleas, Harry persuaded the judge that it would be unjust to impose the mandatory minimum. A suspended sentence was imposed. For Stuart Miller Solicitors.

Education and Awards

Criminal Bar Association Bursary for Excellence in Advocacy
The Sunley Prize, Knights of the Round Table and Inner Temple
Major BPTC Exhibition Scholarship, Inner Temple
Major GDL Exhibition Scholarship, Inner Temple

Bar Professional Training Course, BPP University
Graduate Diploma in Law, BPP University
MLitt Early Modern History, The University of St Andrews
BA (Hons) German and Russian, The University of Durham


CPS Level 2 General Crime Advocate Panel