Honor Fitzgerald

Call: 2020

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Honor appears daily in the Crown, Magistrates’ and Youth Courts across a broad range of criminal matters, both prosecuting and defending. This includes sexual offences, violence, dishonesty, drugs and driving cases. Honor also undertakes extradition cases. 

“In every case that she has been instructed in, irrespective of the gravity or complexity, Ms Fitzgerald always obtains the best possible outcome and illustrates exemplary client care”.

Honor’s fearless advocacy, comprehensive preparation and thorough knowledge of the law ensure she always obtains the best outcomes for her clients: “Each time Honor was instructed on my trials, I would either know the matter would either get dismissed, acquitted or my client would get the best possible result”.

Prior to joining Chambers, Honor worked at the legal department of CAIWU, a trade union. Honor represented members in employment tribunal cases and in disciplinary and grievance hearings.

Honor joins Chambers after successful completion of her 12-month pupillage.

CPS Panel, Level 1

Notable Cases

R v RA – Court of Appeal (2022) Honor successfully appealed an indefinite restraining order imposed on her client in favour of his daughter. The original order was quashed. A new restraining order was imposed which was limited in duration and which permitted contact the Family Court allowed.

R v MM Cambridge Crown Court (2022) Honor secured a unanimous acquittal of her client charged with possession with intent to supply cannabis in prison.

R v AR  Harrow Crown Court (2022) Honor successfully appealed a 6 months detention and training order sentence imposed on a youth. The sentence was replaced with a suspended sentence order.

R V CG – Willesden Magistrates’ Court (2021) CG was charged with driving on the hard shoulder of the motorway. Honor ensured CG’s acquittal on the basis that he had only stopped due to an emergency.

R v MU Stratford Magistrates’ Court (2021) MU was charged with driving whilst under the influence of drugs. Due to submissions made by Honor as to the quality of the evidence, the case was dropped on the day of trial.

R v JT – Stratford Magistrates’ Court (2021) JT faced two charges of assault on an emergency worker. Honor made a successful submission of no case to answer to one charge, resulting in the first charge of assault being dropped. After extensive cross-examination of the officers, JT was acquitted of the second charge of assault.

R v LP – Romford Magistrates’ Court (2021) LP was charged with assault by beating. At the close of the Prosecution case, Honor made a successful submission of no case to answer. The case was dropped against LP before he gave evidence.

R v AY – Highbury Magistrates’ Court (2021) AY faced a charge of assault on an emergency worker. After Honor’s examination in chief of AY and extensive use of the bodyworn footage, Mr AY was acquitted on the basis that any contact with the officer was a mistake.


BPTC, City Law School – 2020

GDL, City Law School – 2019

Classics (BA), University of Oxford – 2017


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