Roy Headlam

Roy Headlam

Call: 1983


Regularly instructed in some of the most serious cases at the Old Bailey and other UK courts, his practice regularly includes major murders, financial white collar frauds, money laundering, sexual offences and the large scale importation of drugs.

He is a leading junior who has lead a number of junior Counsel from various chambers in several multi-handed murders, a number of serious and complex multi handed cut-throat cases of violence, drugs and money laundering.
His experience in murder cases has included 15 murder trials in the last 6 Years, reaching successful conclusion in 95 %.

Roy has an extensive record in ‘financial crime’ including money laundering, mortgage, VAT and banking fraud, most of them involving cross-jurisdictional element.

He recently successfully defended in the case of Holmes & others, a multi handed ‘Money Laundering’ trial with 8 Defendant’s and with an estimated £20,000,000 laundered abroad and with over 1,500,000 Prosecution pages.

His experience of confiscation and asset seizure cases extends across the areas of fraud and drug crime, where he has extensive experience.

In the area of sexual offences, he has represented defendants charged in gang rapes and domestic rapes