Roy Headlam

Call: 1983

Areas of expertise

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Regularly instructed in some of the most serious cases at the Old Bailey and other UK courts, his practice regularly includes major murders, financial white collar frauds, money laundering, sexual offences and the large scale importation of drugs.

He is a leading junior who has lead a number of junior Counsel from various chambers in several multi-handed murders, a number of serious and complex multi handed cut-throat cases of violence, drugs and money laundering.
His experience in murder cases has included 15 murder trials in the last 6 Years, reaching successful conclusion in 95 %.

Roy has an extensive record in ‘financial crime’ including money laundering, mortgage, VAT and banking fraud, most of them involving cross-jurisdictional element.

He recently successfully defended in the case of Holmes & others, a multi handed ‘Money Laundering’ trial with 8 Defendant’s and with an estimated £20,000,000 laundered abroad and with over 1,500,000 Prosecution pages.

His experience of confiscation and asset seizure cases extends across the areas of fraud and drug crime, where he has extensive experience.

In the area of sexual offences, he has represented defendants charged in gang rapes and domestic rapes

Notable cases
  • Lee & others; 2005; this was a 6 Handed murder at the C.C.C; Known as the ‘Happy Slapping Case’. Here a group of 6 kids went out onto the South Bank, London beating up anyone they met resulting in the murder of a complete stranger, there was no motive except ‘enjoyment’ and ‘fun’; Defendant acquitted after a 6 week trial.
  • Amin & others; 2005; 6 handed murder at Leeds Crown Court; The 6 defendants were part of a group of 30 youths who attacked two youths, there had been trouble between the two groups which culminated in the murder of a 16 year old youth, who was clubbed and stabbed to death; Defendant acquitted of murder.
  • Allen & others; 2005; Leading Junior. 4 Defendants charged with the Attempted murder of a man who stood up to a group of 8 youths who called themselves M.O.B, the victim was shot in the back of the head with a shotgun as he was walking back to his house; the defendant above was the person alleged to have ferried the gunman to the address and then drove him away from the scene after the shooting; After 6 week trial Defendant acquitted.
  • Johnson & others; 2006; 6 Handed murder at Reading Crown Court; Another murder which made the National newspapers and national TV; 6 young youths from South London went to Reading to exact revenge as a result of a beating and robbery of one of their gang member, they did not find the culprits, but found one of the girls they believed set up one of the co-defendants, she had a friend with her. The two girls were placed in the boot of the defendant’s car and taken to a hotel where they were repeatedly raped and tortured, when the Defendants had finished, the two girls were taken to a park and executed, however one survived a ‘shot’ to the head and lived to give evidence. After a 3 month trial all the Defendants were convicted.
  • Smith & others; 2006; 4 Handed murder at the C.C.C; (part of a 12 handed murder). Another murder which made the national newspapers and national TV. 9 Defendants were ultimately tried for a murder at the 2004 Nottinghill Carnival, the Defendant had some dispute with the victim whom they saw at the carnival and proceeded to draw their guns and shot him several times, amongst the weapons used was a machine gun.
  • Brown; 2006; 1 Defendant at the C.C.C; Shaken Baby Syndrome, although this murder did not reach the national media, it was widely reported in the local press, the defendant was acquitted of murder after 2 days of legal arguments and cross-examination of prosecution medical experts.
  • Conn & others; 2008; 7 Handed murder & attempted murder; Youths from one local estate went onto another estate where a group of youths caught the attention of the Defendants, this resulted in a fight between the 2 groups resulting in the death of one youth and the attempted murder of another.
  • Dixon; 2008; A single defendant alleged to have stabbed a man to death on New Years eve; this case received National TV and News Paper coverage; the murder was called the ‘Poet murder’; after 3 week trial the Defendant was acquitted.
  • Cassar; 2008; Female Defendant murder of her abusive boyfriend; Plea to Manslaughter.
  • Robinson & others; 2008; Attempted murder Leading Junior; A feud between 2 rivals escalates into a street fight, whereupon the Defendant pulls out a firearm and shoots an innocent bystander.
  • Quashie-Pownall & others; 2009; 19 Defendants were charged with murder and Violent Disorder; the trial was split into two trials, the above Defendant was part of the 2nd trial; after a 6 week trial he and all the other defendants were acquitted.
  • Simmons & others; 2009; 6 Defendant’s charged with murder, a gang related incident after a Disclosure arguments all 6 defendants were acquitted.
  • Edwards & others; 2009; Leading Junior; 7 defendants charged with murder, namely a shooting in a Bradford nightclub, after a 8 week trial all the Defendants were acquitted.
  • Christie & others; 2010; Leading Junior; 6 Defendants charged with double murder and an attempted murder at a night club in East London; the Defendant had all the charges dismissed at a preliminary hearing, before the trial started.
  • St-Aubin & others; 2011; Leading Junior; 4 Defendant’s charges with murder of a visitor outside Wandsworth Prison in 2009; this murder was widely reported in both the National Press and TV.

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