Ryan Evans

Ryan Evans

Call: 2021


Instructing solicitors say Ryan is a “natural advocate” who has an “ability to remain calm under pressure”. He also has “excellent interpersonal and social skills” and is “extremely keen, likeable and approachable”. This invariably elicits “unwavering trust and confidence” from his clients.

Despite his junior year of call, Ryan has already been instructed to represent defendants in highly complex and serious cases, with his tactical nous and foresight enabling him to secure some unexpected acquittals.

Prior to coming to the Bar, Ryan spent two years working as a paralegal in a criminal law firm specialising in fraud and serious crime. Upon completion of the Bar course in 2019, he worked as a County Court Advocate on the Western and South Eastern Circuits, representing clients in civil claims from pre-issue to trial.

CPS Panel, Level 1

Notable Cases

R v Bubencikova [2023] (led junior, modern day slavery)
R v Mohammed [2023] (led junior, perverting the course of justice)
R v McHugh [2023] (kidnapping)
R v Manning [2022] (conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine)