Sam Stockwell

“Crisp and eloquent.” – Lord Justice Fulford, Vice-President of the Court of Appeal

“Sam deftly unpicked the prosecution evidence and put in a lot of over-night work to be in a position to present tightly argued written submissions which were virtually unanswerable.” – Opponent

“Though Sam is a tenacious advocate, his manner is always measured. He appears to absorb and reflect pressure well; he works hard.” – Opponent

“Sam can exploit weaknesses in a prosecution case, that he has exposed, with calmness, resilience and persistence.” – Opponent

Sam has experience in conducting the most serious and factually complex cases, multi-handed and otherwise, as both led junior and junior alone. These include, but are not limited to, matters of murder, manslaughter, s.18 GBH, firearms, fraud, money laundering, historic sexual assault and large scale drugs.

Recent and ongoing instructions include:

R v B & Anor. (Central Criminal Court) – Led junior on an indictment alleging murder, involving the death of a 2 year old. The Crown’s case is predicated almost entirely on expert medical evidence, including paediatric neuropathology.

R v N (Central Criminal Court) – Led junior on an indictment alleging murder, in which the defendant was charged almost a year after the crown seemingly accepted what was advanced by the defendant in interview, namely that he was acting in self-defence. Involves issues of autrefois convict.

R v T (Central Criminal Court) – Led junior on an indictment alleging murder, involving the underlying issue of gang related activity and associated intelligence.

R v H & Ors (Harrow Crown Court) – Led junior on an indictment alleging attempted murder, s.18 wounding with intent, possessing a firearm with intent to endanger life, criminal damage and possessing a firearm with intent to cause fear of violence, following a trial lasting 6 weeks at Harrow Crown Court. In a ‘cut throat’ defence, where all 5 defendants gave evidence, Sam’s client was the only defendant to be acquitted of the attempted murder and firearms offences arising from that incident. The case centred around the acquisition and use of a pistol and shotgun in two separate incidents. The Crown’s case relied on evidence of the complainant, who was shot at point blank range, cell site expert evidence, ANPR and CCTV evidence and ran to pages of evidence measured in the hundreds of thousands.

R v A & Ors. (Southwark Crown Court) – Led junior, representing the first defendant in a 7 handed, 10-week, multi-million pound conspiracy to commit fraud and money laundering. The case has generated a vast amount of served evidence, in the sum of c.160,000 pages, and involves transactions over a number of different jurisdictions with an indictment period covering a number of years for a total of 21 indicted defendants.

R v A & Ors. (Oxford Crown Court) – Junior alone for the first defendant in this armed robbery conspiracy, involving extensive phone and cell site evidence.

R v B & Ors. (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Junior alone for the first defendant in this conspiracy to supply firearms.

TS v M & Anor. (Ipswich Crown Court) – Junior alone in this 22 count, multi-million pound trading standards fraud.

R v H & Ors. (Southwark Crown Court) – Led junior in a multi-million pound, contested POCA matter. Two counsel was granted at the conclusion of the trial, for POCA proceedings, indicating the level of complexity. The defendant’s benefit figure was reduced from almost £1m to £30,000, with an available amount of £5,000.

R v O & Ors. (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Lead Junior in this conspiracy to possess firearms and cause s.18 GBH, arising from a revenge attack at a rave, following an attempted shooting from a rival gang. Extensive issues as to bad character and dates case for which the defendant was previously NFA’d or acquitted, along with cell site and phone analysis.

Operation Fordbridge Instructed by the FCA as Disclosure Counsel in this dual-track regulatory and criminal investigation of Natwest, concerning breaches of the MLR and the FCA’s handbook, namely regarding failures following the laundering of hundreds of millions of pounds through the bank.

Project E: Instructed, through a firm which is an ABS, by a large multinational company to conduct an internal investigation into foreign bribery and corruption, in contemplation of arbitration and litigation in the Commercial Court of a foreign jurisdiction.

R v CMF & Anor. (Inner London Crown Court) – Junior alone for the first defendant in this multi-handed money-laundering matter arising from the investigation into a Chinese Organised Criminal Network, responsible for ‘smishing’ fraud and ‘social engineering’ fraud.

R v T & Ors. (Maidstone Crown Court) – Junior alone in this multi-handed police courier fraud, in which the suspects are said to have made contact with vulnerable individuals, purporting to be the police and arranging for a ‘courier’ to collect bank cards from the victims for the purposes of impending criminal litigation.

R v C & Ors. (Woolwich Crown Court) – Junior alone, representing the first defendant in a 9 handed, 8-week, conspiracy to kidnap, blackmail and falsely imprison. The case against the defendants is multi-faceted and includes cell site, call schedules, CCTV, ANPR and forensic evidence.

R v M & Ors. (Inner London Crown Court) – Junior alone, represented the first defendant in a 4 handed, 6-week, multiple-count conspiracy to supply Class A drugs and participation in the activities of an organised crime group (s.45 of the Serious Crime Act 2015). Prosecuted by both Queen’s Counsel and Junior Counsel, the Crown’s case, which ran to c.142,000 pages, involved CCTV, ANPR, cell site and call data, forensic evidence and expert evidence re gang related activity.

R v S (Cambridge Crown Court) –  Instructed as led junior in this matter concerning manslaughter.

R v C & Ors. (Snaresbrook Crown Court) – Led junior in a 5 handed conspiracy to sell firearms matter, which lasted 8 weeks and was the only defendant to be acquitted. The Crown’s case was built almost entirely on cell site, call schedule data and ANPR, along with contested expert evidence as to fingerprints. Sam took the cross-examination of the cell site expert. This case generated c.24,500 pages of evidence.

R v K & Anor. (Basildon Crown Court) – Junior alone in this multi-handed kidnap. The Crown’s case included the use of CCTV, ANPR, eye witnesses, call data and cell site evidence.

R v C (Peterborough Crown Court) – Led junior in this matter of historic sexual assault, in respect of an ex-premiership football coach and scout, with 18 complainants and an indictment period spanning some 40 years. The Crown’s case was based, in part, on the expert evidence of a doctor in the field of ‘maturisation’ and the ‘Tanner Scale’.

R v R (Kingston Crown Court) – Junior alone in a matter of wounding with intent, which was concluded with a successful submission of no case to answer, prior to the conclusion of the Crown’s case.

ICO v SEC Elections (trading as Cambridge Analytica) – Instructed by Cambridge Analytica and SCL Elections Ltd in this high profile case brought by the Information Commissioner’s Office, involving the investigation and subsequent criminal proceedings, following the complaint made by professor Carroll and the failure of Cambridge Analytica to respond to the ICO’s enforcement notice.

PTIOs v M (Court of Arbitration for Sport) – Professional tennis player’s appeal to CAS of a lifetime ban for match fixing and spot betting.

R v O (Court of Appeal, Criminal Division) – Junior alone in an appeal against conviction in this firearms case, concerning ‘fresh evidence’ relating to the possession of a sawn-off shotgun.

R v Y (Court of Appeal, Criminal Division) – Junior alone in an appeal against conviction which raises a jurisdictional issue as to the Court of Appeal’s power to deal with a s.51 Scheduled offence, which was concluded and sentenced in the Crown Court.

Sam prides himself on meticulous attention to detail in case preparation and excellent client-care skills. This attention to detail and the ability to put clients at ease at an early stage of proceedings, means that he is regularly instructed in cases involving complex issues and vulnerable witnesses or defendants. Sam is also cleared to the highest level of government security clearance, resulting in instructions from the Government Legal Department, involving highly sensitive material.

Sam has particular experience in white-collar crime, notably bribery & corruption, and is listed as preferred counsel by the Financial Conduct Authority, with whom he is regularly instructed. He has previously been seconded to the Serious Fraud Office. By reason of his experience in multi-jurisdictional investigations, Sam has an excellent grasp of bribery & corruption law, both pre and post UK Bribery Act and the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. As such, he is comfortable with complex financial and factual matters and can advise both companies and individuals across a range of financial regulatory work, from assisting in the drafting and implementation of financial crime policy and compliance programmes, to representation in enforcement proceedings brought by regulators and prosecutors.

Sam has worked on the defence of a large and complex bribery & corruption case (SFO v Alstom & Ors). He conducted internal investigations in the UK and across Europe, for the purposes of self-reporting to the US DOJ. Sam also worked on another large and complex bribery & corruption case (SFO v Rolls-Royce Plc); a domestic and overseas joint investigation brought under pre-Bribery Act charges.

Before embarking on a career at the Bar, Sam worked in both investment and relationship management at the UK’s oldest, family run, private bank; C. Hoare & Co.

Sam is Direct Access qualified and accepts instructions directly from the public and business alike.

Sam has represented the Bar of England and Wales at the Lawyers Cricket World Cup.

Serious Crime

R v H & Others(St Albans Crown Court) – Led junior in 8 handed conspiracy to commit armed robbery. This prosecution, which spanned four weeks, involved over 16,000 pages of prosecution evidence.

R v R (Kingston Crown Court) – 18 GBH involving a bottling in a nightclub. Successful application to discharge the jury after late and prejudicial disclosure by the Crown. An acquittal followed at the retrial, prior to the close of the Crown’s case.

R v P (Wolverhampton Crown Court) – Armed robbery trial which involved the threatening of taxi drivers with hypodermic syringes, purportedly infected with a life threatening disease.

Rv D (Cambridge Crown Court) – Instructed counsel in this single charge of Kidnap, involving torture and ransom requests.

R v C (Lincoln Crown Court) – Junior alone in this 9 handed conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

R v A (Harrow Crown Court) – The defendant faces charges of s.18 GBH, violent disorder and dangerous driving, where it was said, as part of a violent disorder, he drove a car, at speed, into the ongoing melee. The key piece of CCTV evidence in this case has received some 60,000 views on YouTube.

R v F (Harrow Crown Court) – The defendant, having pleaded to a single count of burglary, denied a single count of aggravated burglary. This case involved various weapons and included the discharging of a sawn-off shotgun.

R v S (Woolwich Crown Court) – First defendant in a multi-handed s.18 GBH; a gang related stabbing. Involved issues of identification and cell site analysis.

R v G (Norwich Crown Court) – Junior alone where the defendant faced a 12 count indictment relating to historic sexual abuse of children in a familial setting, dating back some 25 years. Charges included assault by penetration of a child under 13.

R v D (Manchester Crown Court) – Bail granted in attempted murder trial involving the death of a man beaten repeatedly with a baseball bat.

R v B (Cambridge Crown Court) – Defendant charged with arson with intent to danger life, having set the bedroom of her partner alight while he slept.

R v L (Luton Crown Court) – Indecent images case involving some 250,000 files, a vulnerable defendant and issues as to the accessibility and provenance of said files.

R v B (Isleworth Crown Court) – Four-day prosecution of a foreign gang member stealing high-value cars to order.

R v K (Southwark Crown Court) – Instructed counsel in this case of blackmail, with demands for £115,000.

R v K (Cambridge Magistrates’ Court) – Privately instructed counsel in an affray, resulting in the acquittal of K and the conviction of the co-defendant, represented by counsel some 15 years Sam’s senior.

R v P (St Albans Crown Court) – Bomb Hoax in which a number of text messages were sent from the defendant’s phone, yet mental capacity was the primary issue for the consideration of the jury.

Financial Crime

R v M (Norwich Crown Court) – Sole junior in this 4 week, complex, multi-handed fraud.

R v B & PV Ltd (Cambridge Crown Court) –  Junior alone representing both the company and director of the company in ‘rouge trader’ charges.

Operation Kempston – Instructed LPP counsel by the FCA in this dawn raid relating to charges of insider dealing.

Operation Ballpark – Instructed disclosure junior in this HMRC VAT fraud.

Operation Gillingham – Instructed by the FCA as LPP counsel in this dawn raid relating to charges of market manipulation.

Operation Bude – Instructed by the FCA as independent LPP Counsel.

SFO v X – Disclosure counsel in this pre-charge, bribery & corruption, SFO investigation, involving issues of national security and commercial sensitivity.

Private Prosecutions

Re BJ – Advised on the viability of the private prosecution of a member of parliament, following a national campaign.

HDC v C (Peterborough Crown Court) – Private prosecution on behalf of a local authority in respect of Fraud Act charges.


Grenfell Inquiry –  Instructed by the GLD on behalf of the Home Office, as a participant in the inquiry.

Hatfield and Neilson Inquiry –  Instructed by the GLD, on behalf of the MOD, in this inquiry into the death of two soldiers following an explosion inside a Challenger 2 Tank, whilst during training exercises.


Operation Sky – Instructed by the Payment Systems Regulatorin this cross-jurisdiction competition law matter, involving cartels.

X v SSHD – Instructed by the GLD, on behalf of the Secretary of State for the Home Department, to review material generated by MI5, relating to terrorism.

MOJ v X – Instructed by the GLD in this matter involving a claim brought by a CHIS, against the Ministry of Justice, following covert operations in prison.

Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council v H – Privately instructed counsel in prosecution brought under the Food and Safety Hygiene Regulations.

HSE v BT Ltd – Privately instructed counsel in prosecution brought by the Health and Safety Executive.

  • BPTC – Very Competent
  • LLB Law (Hons) 2:1
  • FCA Preferred Counsel List
  • SFO Disclosure Counsel Panel
  • CPS Grade 1 Prosecutor
  • Government Legal Service ‘Junior Junior’
  • Middle Temple Pupillage Grant Recipient 2016
  • Graded ‘Outstanding’ in criminal advocacy, BPTC, 2012
  • Recipient of the Longman Law (Pearson Education) Award, 2011
Professional Memberships
  • The Honourable Society of Middle Temple
  • Middle Temple Young Barristers Association
  • South Eastern Circuit
  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Young Fraud Lawyers Association