Shannon Revel

Call: 2014

Areas of expertise

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Shannon’s busy practice focuses on the full spectrum of serious crime. This includes violence, kidnap/blackmail, firearms, county lines drugs conspiracies, rape, sexual assault, and fraud. She is an experienced trial advocate who is known for her rigorous case preparation and calm, assertive style.

Shannon is regularly instructed alone or as led junior for the defence or prosecution.  She is a level 3 advocate on the panels for general crime and specialist fraud and has recently appeared in a number of multifaceted cases involving serious gang violence, attempted murder, and high value frauds.

Shannon is a popular jury advocate, described by a Circuit Judge as an advocate who has conducted ‘very difficult trials with consummate skill, patience, integrity, eloquence and intelligence.’  She is often instructed in cases involving child witnesses, experts, and intermediaries.

Notable Cases

R v JW & CC Central Criminal Court 2020

Led Junior in a two-handed case of attempted murder. The two defendants are accused of planning an attack on the ex-partner of the second defendant, which was executed by the first defendant. The second defendant is said to have lured the victim to a specific location, where the first defendant set upon him with a baseball bat, causing life-threatening injuries. Case ongoing.

R v MP, SM, DS, KT & AP Isleworth Crown Court 2020

Instructed as junior alone in a case involving a large violent disorder that took place on New Years’ Eve between two groups; constituting a disorder of 40+ patrons. The defendant group are said to have been ejected by the venue, whereupon they telephoned for others to attend the scene with weapons and attacked the group of security staff. One man was seriously injured in the melee and left with life threatening injuries. The case is predominantly based on CCTV material and is ongoing.

R v EJ, DJ, ZU, MS & RU Southwark Crown Court 2020

Led Junior for the Crown in the successful prosecution of five members of a Lithuanian OCG responsible for smuggling over 58 million cigarettes into the UK over a 7-month period, codenamed ‘Operation Appletree’. The total value of duty evaded was over £14.7 million.

R v EN Central Criminal Court 2019

Secured the unanimous acquittal of a young man on an indictment containing five counts of possession of firearms and ammunition with intent to endanger life. Two shotguns were found loaded with live ammunition at a storage cupboard following the execution of a firearms warrant in Edmonton. The Crown’s case was based on fingerprint evidence from the cupboard and packaging around the firearms, alongside DNA from the muzzle of one of the shotguns. The defence was one of no possession and secondary transfer of DNA.

R v PK, JK, BP, LS, TT, PZ & DJ Kingston Crown Court 2019

Led Junior Counsel for the Crown in the prosecution of seven members of the Hell’s Angels and Red Devils motorcycle clubs based in Slough. The investigation, codenamed ‘Operation Creak’ concerned a planned attack on a rival motorcycle club in Surrey, which was demonstrated through evidence involving cell site (RF) data, DNA, blood spatter, co-location, ANPR, phone contact, social media and internet searches. The Hell’s Angels and Red Devils ‘prospect’ members travelled from Slough to Surrey armed with weapons, nitrile gloves and masks. Seven victims belonging to the rival motorcycle club were set upon by 13 masked men, stabbed multiple times and left with life threatening injuries. All defendants were convicted after an 8-week trial.

R v TO Peterborough Crown Court 2019

Defence Counsel for a defendant charged with county lines possession with intent to supply Class A drugs. The defendant was said to have ‘cuckooed’ a crack-cocaine addict, who was controlled with a blow torch and drugs at her home address in Cambridgeshire. The trial involved a co-defendant turning Queen’s Evidence, voluminous cell site data, DNA and ANPR evidence.

R v JH Isleworth Crown Court 2019

Junior alone for the Crown in a case involving two counts of s.18 GBH with intent, and one count of aggravated burglary. The defendant was one of four masked men who burst into a property in north London and stabbed a middle-aged female eight times and her partner twice, whilst demanding money from the occupants. The defendant was identified through DNA and cell site evidence, with further witness evidence called in rebuttal of a defence raised in evidence. The defendant was convicted after trial.

R v BH Central Criminal Court 2018

Secured the unanimous acquittal of a young female charged with six counts of possessing articles for use in fraud. The defendant had been using false credit cards in her own name. The defendant had been exploited by a group purporting to be a modelling agency, who had given her the articles under the agreement that she would make purchases for what she believed to be a music video.

R v CT Central Criminal Court 2018

 Secured the unanimous acquittal of a male accused of using a pole to strike two males from behind to the head, causing them to both fall unconscious. All conduct was shown on CCTV and accepted, with the defence being one of reasonable self-defence following preceding incidents that had occurred off camera. Not shown on the footage was that the males had been armed with shards of glass taken from a window they had smashed at the defendant’s home address.

R v SG Inner London Crown Court 2018

Secured the acquittal of a young man accused of instigating a large violent disorder captured on CCTV. The defendant was one of five facing trial, running the defence of no participation/self-defence. The defendant’s brother had been harmed earlier in the day by a male who was then confronted by the defendant; thereafter a disturbance took place. The jury were directed to acquit following a successful submission of no case to answer.

R v KH and WH Isleworth Crown Court 2018

 Defence Counsel for the first defendant mother charged with 9 counts of cruelty to a child under 16. Following careful cross-examination of the child witness, the first defendant was acquitted by the jury of all physical assault charges alleged.


CPS Specialist Fraud Panel Level 3

CPS Panel General Crime Level 3



CBA Bursary for Excellence in Advocacy 2015

BPP Award for Outstanding Contribution to Pro Bono Work 2014

Middle Temple Anglo-Israel Scholarship 2014

Middle Temple Christopher Benson Scholarship 2013


Accredited Mediator, ADR Group

BPTC, BPP London

LLB (Hons) European Comparative and International Law, Sheffield University

Transnational Law & Foreign Policy, Griffith University Australia

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