Tyrone Silcott

Call: 2004

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Tyrone is specialist in cases involving violent crime, financial fraud, young offenders, sexual offences and prosecution work.

He came to the bar after a successful career in the Financial Services industry. He now undertakes a variety of work defending and prosecuting in the Crown Court and is a CPS Level 4 Prosecutor. As winner of the Independent Financial Adviser of the Year award in 1999 he brought with him an in-depth understanding of the regulatory environment governing the financial services industry.

His busy prosecution practice includes work on behalf of the Crown Prosecution Service, London Transport, London Probation Service, Local Authorities (prosecuting breaches of trading standards and health and safety) and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Areas of Specialism:

Violent Crime

Tyrone is regularly instructed in serious violent crime including Murder; Attempted Murder; Conspiracy to Murder; Wounding with intent to cause Grievous Bodily Harm; Kidnapping and Blackmail.

Young Offenders

Tyrone worked with the Hackney Youth Offending Team as a volunteer panel member for 6 years. His experience with the panel equipped him well for relating to and defending young offenders. He therefore has broad experience defending young people charged with drugs and violent offences including Attempted Murder.

Financial Fraud

In his previous career Tyrone worked in Financial Services and the expertise gained has led to instructions in banking, mortgage and benefit fraud. He has been instructed by the Serious Fraud Division of the CPS as lead counsel from charging advice through to trial. Most recently in R v Veniukivicius and 10 others, a case alleging excise avoidance valued at £15 million which resulted after 2 trials in the conviction of all 11 defendants (February 2020)

Sexual Offences

He is instructed to prosecute and defend in cases involving the most serious sexual offences including rape. His experience has led him to be instructed to review convictions and sentences and to advise on appeal in sexual cases. He has also been instructed in a number of cases dealing with the controversial area of ‘Sleepsex’ or ‘Sexsomnia’ (NREM Arousal Parasomnia).

Tyrone is a Pupil Supervisor and is an advocacy trainer at Middle Temple.

In 2018 he provided a series of lectures to the CPS and Defence Solicitors on Disclosure in light of recent collapses of Rape Prosecutions.​


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