Tyrone Silcott

Tyrone Silcott

Call: 2004


Tyrone Silcott is a specialist crime practitioner who both prosecutes and defends in cases of murder & manslaughter, sexual offences, fraud and large scale drug supply . Much of his work is as leading junior.

Murder, Manslaughter, Attempted Murder

R v JW & CC (2020)Instructed to prosecute an attempted murder (honey trap) in which it was alleged a couple embarking on a new relationship lured the victim to an ambush.

R v AP (2023) instructed to defend a man charged with a murder (led junior).

R v EE & 2 others (2024 Instructed to prosecute 3 defendants charged with murder (led junior)

Sexual Offences

He is instructed to prosecute and defend in cases involving the most serious sexual offences including rape. His experience has led him to be instructed to review convictions and sentences and to advise on appeal in sexual cases. He has also been instructed in a number of cases dealing with the controversial area of ‘Sleepsex’ or ‘Sexsomnia’ (NREM Arousal Parasomnia).

Notable cases include R v RS (2022) Instructed to prosecute historic case in which a Stepfather carried out a series of sexual assaults against his stepdaughter. ‘Bromley Monster’.  Guardian story here.

R v M (2022) Instructed to prosecute a historic case in which a photographer who sexually assaulted a an aspiring actress at his studio during a photo shoot. BBC story here

In 2018 he provided a series of lectures to the CPS and defence solicitors on disclosure in response to a series of rape prosecutions that collapsed due to disclosure failings.


R v V and 10 others, (2020) instructed pre-charge to prosecute a gang accused of excise avoidance valued at £15 million which resulted after 2 trials in the conviction of all 11 defendants charged (lead counsel)

R v S&S currently instructed as lead counsel in alleged historic large scale property fraud committed in Europe and the UK.

Drugs and Associated Criminality

Tyrone regularly appears in cases alleging large scale drug importation by Organised Criminal Gangs. and associated criminality (Possession of Firearms, Money Laundering offences)

R v WRDS and 4 others (2021) Instructed as lead counsel to prosecute 5 members of an OCG that originated in South America and supplied class A drugs across the South East of England. The group masked their distribution by pretending to be delivery drivers for well-known Food Delivery Brands. Mirror story here

R v Z and 4 others 2023. 2022 instructed to prosecute a case involving the importation of 2.3 tonnes of cocaine from South America.These are typically cases that rely on extensive mobile phone evidence. As a result of his experience in this area, in February 2023 Tyrone was invited by the CPS to provide practical guidance to Crown Advocates on how to deploy and present telephone evidence at trial.


Tyrone is also the Chair of Governors at Mossbourne Community Academy.