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Yusuf Solley’s client acquitted of a £1million conspiracy to steal

Yusuf Solley

Yusuf Solley’s client acquitted of a £1million conspiracy to steal duty free goods from British Airways airplanes at Heathrow Airport.

In this 7 week trial at Isleworth Crown Court, the prosecution alleged he was an integral part of two overarching conspiracies in his role as an aircraft cleaner. He faced a charge of conspiracy to steal high value duty free goods, and a conspiracy to convert goods into cash. The crown argued that he was an ‘insider’, using his airside pass to steal goods from airplanes, filling rucksacks, and leaving work during his shift to drop them off to waiting cars, before returning back to work on the airside with empty rucksacks. They relied on cctv of these events, and on messages on his phone containing hundreds of pictures of duty free goods and discussions with his wife about acquiring goods.

Of 8 defendants, his client was the only airport worker acquitted. Yusuf was instructed by Jyoti at Evan Moore Solicitors.

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