Adam Morgan

Call: 1996

Areas of expertise

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Adam is described by senior prosecuting Q.C.’s as possessing a “very effective advocacy style, the sort that prosecutors don’t like. Reasonable and entirely credible”

Adam manages to combine a busy criminal practice with a niche civil/commercial practice. He has extensive criminal defence and appellate experience both as a leading junior and a led junior. He is regularly instructed in high profile cases and has substantial experience of serious and grave crimes including; murder, manslaughter and other offences of a sexual or violent nature. He also specialises in fraud, and has a particular interest and expertise in financial crime, regulatory offences, money laundering offences as well as multi-handed conspiracy cases. He has an aptitude for assimilating financial information, terminology and procedure. He has defended in complex cases involving technical areas of fraud including share dealing, MTIC carousels and charitable funds.

His civil/commercial practice has an emphasis on company law and employment law. He has a comprehensive knowledge of bonus disputes, director’s service agreements, restraints of trade, confidentiality, restrictive covenants and injunctive relief.

Adam is a member of the CBA, ELA & ELBA

Recent cases

Adam is instructed in a number of case this year that include:

R v Soper – Exeter Crown Court. This is a multi handed case involving multiple allegations of conspiracy to burgle. The present allegations relate to professional burglaries of jewellers in the southwest and over 50 burglaries of other commercial premises. Trial listed for 10 weeks. This is a follow on trial from a previous case where the defendant was acquitted upon the direction of trial judge. The Crown is now seeking to introduce material from that earlier case as Bad Character in the current proceedings. That material relates to in excess of 90 commercial burglaries.

R v Harrington (2) – Southwark Crown Court. 11 handed conspiracy. This is a follow on trial from the earlier case. This involves further allegations of conspiracy to import drugs, including cocaine and cannabis, from mainland Europe and North Africa. Trial listed for 8 weeks. Prosecuted by leading junior and junior.

R v Oakes – Ipswich Crown Court. 5 handed conspiracy to defraud. Trading standards investigation into the activities of commercial water supply company. Allegations that company employees were engaged in widespread and systematic fraud. Trial listed for 7 weeks. Prosecuted by leading junior and junior.

R v Lightfoot – Plymouth Crown Court. 9 handed conspiracy to supply drugs. This relates to the wholesale transportation of Class A drugs from the North of England to the South West and the organised distribution of those drugs thereafter. This is the 3rd in a series of trials and is listed for 4 weeks.

R v Gregory – Maidstone Crown Court. 5 handed conspiracy to supply class A & B drugs. This relates to an Organised Crime Group based in the Spain and the South East of the UK, who are involved in the wholesale cutting and onward supply of drugs across the country.


R v Clifford Field – Guildford Crown Court – This case involved in a large-scale sophisticated medical fraud involving the supply of medical supplies to a number of hospitals. These items included surgical instruments, replacement joints and a variety of consumerable items. It was alleged that the fraud took place over a lengthy period of time and involved a number of companies that were under the control of Mr Field. The second defendant was employed by B.U.P.A at their Gatwick Park hospital in the capacity of Supplies Manager. In that role he was responsible for ordering medical supplies, the receipt of deliveries and the distribution of these supplies within the hospital.

A number of discrepancies were discovered in the hospital’s ordering records. A number of the orders were from companies who were not accredited suppliers. Suspicion also attached to the fact that one of the orders were for goods that were obsolete. Further documentation relating to the purchases from the aforementioned companies and found that there were substantial discrepancies.

An internal investigation into the second defendant’s activities revealed dubious practises on the part of Mr Rapley and it was the Crown’s case that an audit of the Hospital’s stores revealed that items alleged to have been recently ordered were missing and unaccounted for. It was suggested that the second defendant had behaved in a corrupt manner in lieu of bribes made to him.

The Police seized records generated over the preceding 4 year period and a detailed analysis of these exhibits demonstrated that the items ordered from the companies associated with Mr Clifford-Field were not delivered. It was further alleged that the hospital’s computer system was deliberately manipulated in an attempt to conceal the transactions.

The Crown also undertook extensive investigations into the companies under the control of Mr Clifford Field and also bank accounts under his control.

Defendant and solicitor advised pre-trial and throughout the process.

Prosecuted by Leading Junior and Junior counsel.

R v G – Cambridge Crown Court – The defendant was an Army Major involved in the procurement process of large-scale government contracts. The defendant was alleged to have been involved in a sophisticated and corrupt scheme to award army contracts to suppliers for his own benefit. The alleged criminal conduct covered a number of transactions over a lengthy period of time. It was further alleged there was a deliberate attempt by the defendant to fabricate documents to cover his activities and to use his rank within the Army to ensure that junior soldiers complied with his demands. The defendant was charged with corruption, theft and perverting the course of justice. The preparation of the case involved detailed analysis of the Army’s procurement process; cataloguing and storage practice; and documentary records.

R v Wright – Nottingham Crown Court – The defendants were charged with money laundering, theft and fraud relating to in excess of £2m said to have been misappropriated from nationwide U.K charities dealing with appeals for children with cancer

R v Luu – Birmingham Crown Court – 8 – handed case involving multiple allegations of conspiracy relating to immigration offences, benefit fraud and mortgage fraud. Prosecuted by leading junior and junior.

R v Corbett – Southwark Crown Court – 5 handed conspiracy to defraud and subsequent confiscation proceedings arising from £10m boiler room fraud in the UK and Spain. Prosecuted by Q.C and Junior.

R v Joseph – Leicester Crown Court – 8 handed Conspiracy to defraud insurance companies involving a fraudulent car accident claims in the


R v Backhouse – Woolwich Crown Court – High Profile case involving the murder of a female “Stranger”. Instructed on behalf of the defence.

R v Elfes – Luton Crown Court (Mutli-handed drug related murder. Sophisticated murder plot by professional gang as part of an ongoing feud between rivals. First case to involve the use of an AK-47 assault rifle in mainland Britiain. Trial judge Wilkie J. Prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel and Junior Counsel)

R v Emesibe – Central Criminal Court (Murder case investigated by “Operation Trident” Officers and prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel together with Junior Counsel, The case involved the murder of a local gangster by members of a rival teenage gang, armed with a shotgun, samurai sword and knives)

R v Palmer – Exeter Crown Court (Murder of infant baby by father. Involved expert evidence regarding shaken baby syndrome etc. Instructed on behalf of defendant. Prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel and Junior Counsel)R v Cooley – Central Criminal Court (Multi handed conspiracy to murder. Prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel and Junior Counsel)

Corporate Manslaughter

R v Reed – Winchester Crown Court (Represented Transport Manager of haulage company prosecuted following fatal accident on A303. Prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel and Junior Counsel)


R v Harrington & Others – Southwark Crown Court. 9 handed conspiracy to import Class B drugs. This involved an Organised Crime Group who imported 250kg of Amphetamine into the UK by boat from France. Trial ran for approx 8 weeks. Prosecuted by leading junior and junior

R v Palmer – Plymouth CC Multi handed case involving commercial supply of class A drugs from North East to the South West. Further allegations of money laundering and confiscation proceedings involved a discretionary trust in the Isle of Man. Prosecuted by Q.C and Junior.

R v Harizaj & Others – Oxford Crown Court (Multi-Handed cases involving long standing Conspiracy to import and Supply Cocaine to the Oxfordshire area and beyond. Mr Harizaj was the central figure in the conspiracy involving 11 defendants. Case was the longest in the history of Oxford Crown Court and ran in excess of 11 months. Prosecuted by Leading Junior and Junior counsel)

R v Land & Others – Exeter Crown Court (Instructed as Leading Junior Counsel. Sophisticated conspiracy to supply Class A drugs throughout the South West of England. Prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel and Junior Counsel)

R v Robbins & Others – Winchester Crown Court (Multi-handed case involving long standing conspiracy to import in excess of 400 kg of cannabis into the UK. Investigated by National Crime Squad. Prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel and Junior Counsel)

Sexual offences

R v Goad – Plymouth Crown Court (Described in the national press as “Britain’s worst paedophile”. The defendant was a prominent businessman in the south west of England. It was alleged that over a period of 30 years the defendant used his position and influence to groom young boys who he subsequently abused. It was alleged that during his reign he abused in excess of 300 victims. Prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel and Junior Counsel)

R v Mayberry – Exeter Crown Court (Prosecution as part of the investigation into Forde Park reform school. Historic allegations of sexual abuse by choirmaster. Prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel and Junior Counsel)
Human Trafficking

R v Faruq & Others – Reading Crown Court (Sophisticated and long running conspiracy to facilitate the entry into the UK of foreign nationals. Further conspiracy to illegally obtain benefits in respect of those individuals, once within the jurisdiction. Mr Faruq was the central figure in the case. [Crown sought confiscation in excess of £30m] Prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel and 2 Junior Counsel.

Professional Discipline and Regulatory

R v M Ltd – Truro Crown Court. Company Directors, Key employees and contractors charged with gross negligence manslaughter and a variety of H&S offences following fatal accident involving electrocution of contractor by overhead power line on construction site. Represented the company. Prosecuted by leading Junior and Junior Counsel.

 R v R – Winchester Crown Court. Represented Transport Manager of haulage company prosecuted following fatal accident on A303. Prosecuted by Queen’s Counsel and Junior Counsel

NMC v HW –  Represented registrant charged with a variety of charges relating to the death of a baby in the care of the hospital. These allegations arose following investigations into failures of clinical care in the maternity unit at Furness General Hospital, part of what became the University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay NHS Foundation Trust.

Civil & commercial practice

Adam recently represented a leading hedge fund management company in proceedings in the High Court. The proceedings were in respect of breach of post termination restraints relating to a suspected team move to one of their competitors. This included obtaining interim injunctions in relation to the disclosure of digital / social media and injunctive relief to enforce the post termination restraints.

Adam also recently advised partners of a leading UK construction firm in relation to a High Court partnership dispute and associated property issues.


University of London (LLB Hons), University of London, Centre for Commercial Studies (LLM)

Legal 500: Leading Individual