17 March 2017 Strictly Furnival 2017: Welcome to Las Vegas. Friday 2nd June 2017, Grosvenor House Hotel, London. 21 February 2017 The FA v Arsene Wenger – Written reasons published – Craig Harris appeared for The FA. 26 January 2017 Caroline Haughey secures acquittal in $225m bond fraud at Southwark Crown Court 20 January 2017 Craig Harris instructed by the Football Association in relation to a violent brawl that abandoned an All England Cup match 17 January 2017 We are delighted to congratulate Caroline Carberry on her richly deserved appointment to Queens Counsel. The swearing in ceremony will take place on 13th February 2017 13 January 2017 Charlie Sherrard QC secures acquittal of 20 yr old Turkish engineering student charged with murder and manslaughter following 4 week trial at Southwark 4 January 2017 Richard Hearnden’s article, ‘Live Links in the Crown Court’ , published in Counsel Magazine 15 December 2016 Caroline Carberry, instructed by Criminal Defence Solicitors, successfully defends man accused of Soliciting Murder in alleged honour crime trial 14 December 2016 Joel Smith acts as junior counsel for the Crown in the successful prosecution of R v. Brizzi, concerning the murder and subsequent dismemberment of a police officer. 30 November 2016 Charlie Sherrard QC and Lisa Wilson, instructed by Stuart Miller & Co, secure acquittal of law student charged with murder, manslaughter and section 18 in 2 month multi-handed trial at the Old Bailey 1 2 3 8 Next › Last »