Parveen Mansoor

Parveen Mansoor

Call: 1996


Parveen is a well regarded and established criminal barrister with an entirely defence based practice.  She has extensive experience as Junior/Sole Counsel in all areas of serious crime including murder, manslaughter, terrorism, fraud. proceeds of crime, armed robberies, kidnap, firearms, large scale drug trafficking, violent disorders and serious sexual offences.

Parveen has an excellent reputation for meticulous preparation, a great eye for detail, effective cross-examination and great client care. Her sensitive approach with vulnerable clients and tough approach where necessary have made her popular with lay clients and solicitors alike who repeatedly instruct her.

She has an excellent track record in securing acquittals.


R v Adam Khatib – failed Heathrow Airline Plot case (causing limitation of liquids on airline flights)

R v Simon Keeler & others – Funding Terrorism

R v  Javed & others – Incitement to murder (Danish Cartoon Protest case)

Murder/Attempted Murder

R v Bilal Akhtar & another – Brinks  Mat related conspiracy to murder

R v Grabaoucus & others – Attempted murder, kidnap and blackmail

R v J – Attempted murder of a stranger

R v AS – Law Lecturer accused of Attempting to Murder his girlfriend

R v Dilwar Hussain & others  – Conspiracy to Murder and Attempted Murder (victim set alight)

Section 18 Grievous Bodily Harm

R v Tyson Newland –  Driving away with a police officer on the bonnet of his car. She was attempting to arrest him for a serious matter

R v Craig Martin – Allegation made by a taxi driver who had lost teeth in the incident

R v Jabran Iqbal – Road Rage

R v Lakhwinder Landa  – A violent attack on a male who refused to accept what he believed were fraudulent parcels

R v Florin Badea – Case involved a security guard losing part of his finger when the defendant bit him.

R v S – s18 involving the complainant losing two fingers during a sword attack


R v Bilal Akhar – Possession of a firearm

R v Tyson Newland – Possession of a Firearm with intent to endanger life

R v Christopher Hatton – attempted raid of jewellers and possession of firearm


R v Fiston Onyumbe – series of robberies of securicor vans

R v Ajami – robberies involving a group of young men

R v S – violent robbery involving an elderly complainant

Sexual Offences

R v AG – 8 counts of rape concerning different victims

R v MR – Rape, false imprisonment, threats to kill, ABH and intimidation. Complainant alleged she had a religious wedding ceremony with the defendant following which she was imprisoned in his home with his other ‘wife’ living in the same property

R v TN – Rape, complainant was a girl who had a brief sexual relationship with the defendant who then discovered he had a girlfriend

R v AJ – Rape involving ‘gang initiation’ acts between Secondary  School children

R v A Rape involving group of males in a hotel room

R v BB – Rape and breach of Non Molestation Orders. Complaint stated she had been raped for years by her husband and that she was unable to say ‘no’ due to her Asian Culture.

R v GH – Rape said to have taken place with young children downstairs.


R v Mahe Toulgarides and others –  large scale heroin importation

R v Shahid Younis – large scale supply of Class A. Case involved the mock arrest of an under cover policeman, so he could befriend the defendant in the custody suite of a Police station

R v Tariq Nazir  & others  – Major drugs conspiracy and money laundering. Case involved extensive covert surveillance

R v Aaron Mansoor – Possession with intent to supply Class A

R v Kamber Azam – Possession with intent to supply Class A

R v MH supplying drugs to a prison inmate during a visit


R v Shadi  Darydel and others – Florida International Driving licence fraud

R v Zahid Mirza & others – Multi million pound global conspiracy to distribute counterfeit pharmaceuticals (9 month trial)

R v Raquel Harper – Benefit Fraud


R v Yung Fatt Pun & others  – Family running restaurants staffed by illegal immigrants

R v Meena Sehdev – Assisting large scale illegal immigration concerning the USA, UK and other Countries in Asia.

R v Ronald Kavuma – Multi million pound immigration identity fraud

Other offences

R v Lee Hale – Witness intimidation

R v Mukhtar Patel – Doing Acts tending and intending to pervert the course of public justice. Money given to a Court Clerk to avoid summons for driving matters

R v Waqas Ali – Theft of perfumery in excess of £100k by a Harrods porter


Urdu and Punjabi


Criminal Bar Association
South Eastern Circuit
Inner Temple


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