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Chambers’ pre-eminence in terrorism cases is demonstrated by the fact that Furnival, unlike any other set, is able to lay claim to having fielded teams, often both prosecuting and defending, in all of the significant post-9/11 terrorism trials, including:

  • The 21/7 trials
  • The Gloucester shoe bomber
  • The first Al Qa’eda funding prosecution post-9/11
  • The “Ricin” conspiracy
  • The ‘Fertiliser’ conspiracy
  • The ‘terrorist007’ Al Qa’eda cyber-terrorism conspiracy
  • The plotting of simultaneous bombings of US-bound aircraft out of Heathrow conspiracy.
  • Funding terrorists in Syria
  • Lee Rigby murder videos
  • The plot to kidnap and behead a member of the British armed forces
  • ‘The Radical Preachers of Islamism’
  • ‘UK terrorist training camp’ trials

Chambers’ high-level experience in serious crime, official secrets cases, extradition and asset forfeiture litigation provides for a depth of knowledge in all related aspects of anti-terrorism proceedings including:

  • Cross-jurisdictional issues
  • Injunctions against international funding
  • Domestic and international Security Service intelligence
  • International co-operation
  • Abuse of process
  • Ancillary SIAC applications

Members of Chambers are experienced in what have become ground-breaking areas of law and procedure, including:

  • Trials involving FBI Al-Queda Supergrass witnesses
  • Extraordinary rendition
  • The application of disclosure regimes against Foreign intelligence agencies
  • Although not strictly terrorism related members of chambers acted for and advised in R v D the wearing of the niqab “veil” in court trial.
  • The use of Special Counsel
  • The first ever prosecutions of offences introduced by both the 2000 and 2006 Terrorism Acts

Chambers also has the advantage of being able to draw upon the linguistic ability, cultural awareness and knowledge of theological issues that are often at the core of these cases, from a number of its members.

Terrorism Legislation Resource

Furnival Chambers is partnered with a number of leading Human Rights firms who specialise in this complex and politically charged area of law in the publication of the Terrorism Legislation Resource website.