Rishy Panesar

Rishy Panesar

Call: 2004


Rishy has been instructed over the entire spectrum of serious criminal cases that have been heard in the Court of Appeal all the way down to the Youth Court. He advises at all stages of the criminal process including at the pre-charge investigation stage and throughout the whole criminal justice process.

The cases he has been instructed on in general involve allegations of serious organised crime. His previous instructions include cases of murder, gang-land conspiracies, serious drugs, serious violence, people smuggling, modern day slavery, serious fraud and money laundering. He acts exclusively for defendants.

The Fraud cases he has conducted have been prosecuted by Her Majesty’s Revenues and Customs, the Department of Works and Pensions, the Office of Fair Trading, the National Crime Agency and the Crown Prosecution Service. The most serious involving sums in excess of £10,000,000.00, the cases have been paper heavy, complex, have involved issues of public interest immunity and protracted applications for disclosure.

As a result, he has developed a strong ability to process large amounts of information whilst keeping the relevant legal issues and principles at the forefront of any contest. He has a keen eye for detail and is able to quickly to grasp the contentious issues and isolate information accordingly, whether they be complex or technical. His background is of a scientific nature and has instilled him with an analytical and forensic approach to handling cases, allowing him to control his cases both tactically and efficiently.

Rishy is also direct access qualified and can be approached for matters of driving and professional regulation. He has conducted many driving cases, including death by dangerous driving whilst under the influence all way down to advancing exceptional hardship and special reasons not to disqualify.

Homicide and Serious Violence

R v DK  A murder arising out of a dispute between members of the Russian and Latvian community leading to the death of a man with a criminal past after a night of alcohol and drugs. The client he was instructed for had taken pictures of the deceased whilst still alive, bound and gagged.

R v NG  A murder arising out of marriage breakdown following an extra marital affair by the deceased. In the lead up to the event itself the defendant had made several attempts on his own life and was under the influence of several prescription medications as well as suffering with mental health issues. This case involved issues of Psychiatry, General Medicine and Toxicology that were presented within a defence of diminished responsibility.

R v CK  A case of attempted murder, acted for a single defendant who was eventually tried for Grievous Bodily Harm for the stabbing of a hotel owner 9 times in his back.

R v MH  A multi-handed case of attempted murder arising out of events that shook the capital in the early part of 2018 in the wave of knife attacks.

R v GA  A conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life, a case that was prosecuted on the basis of a conspiracy to murder following the death of a young man who was the member of a local gang. The prosecution alleged that his client was part of the same gang and was part of a plan for revenge on a ‘tit-for-tat’ basis. The case involved known grime artists.

R v NY  A case of violent disorder with the Chinese community that had arisen out of contest to a Triad faction. This case involved a pre-meditated one side against the other rampage involving knives, machetes and other weapons.


Fraud and Serious Dishonesty

R v WS  A multi-handed conspiracy involving 6 defendants charged with trying to cheat Her Majesties Revenue and Customs out of £6million by setting up an illicit tobacco factory by buying decommissioned machinery from Europe. Case involved surveillance, covert listening devices in related vehicles and premises.

R v MP  A multi-handed conspiracy involving 4 defendants collectively charged with attempting to cheat Her Majesties Revenue and Customs out of £10million through the use of shell companies and importation of cigarettes from Asia.

R v MP  A case that was prosecuted by the Department of Works and Pensions involving a family accused to have benefitted by setting up a legitimate business on the back benefits claimed outside their entitlement. The case became complex and protracted, crossing into the civil jurisdiction in order to argue against the sale and dissolution of the business.

R v SM  A DWP prosecution of an ex-business man who was alleged to have over claimed benefit to the tune of £50,000.00 following personal bankruptcy after the dissolution of several small to medium enterprises.

R v CC  A case involving the prosecution of a group 3 men accused of fraud by way of cloned credit cards being used to purchase breast augmentation surgery for ladies known to have worked in local strip clubs.

R v AD  A case involving a lady posing as an accredited legal professional alleged to have posed in the local community as a legal professional and taken fees for such services from the unsuspecting and vulnerable people seeking genuine immigration legal help.


Large Scale Drugs

R v LK  A multi-handed conspiracy of 14 defendants accused of supplying high grade cocaine along the M4 Corridor. Case involved several issues of disclosure surrounding the surveillance techniques deployed.

R v JS  A multi-handed conspiracy of 12 defendants accused of being part of an Organised Criminal Network based in London supplying cocaine down to the Southwest. Case involved masses of telephone evidence, surveillance where the defendant had previous convictions for similar matters.

R v NC  A case investigated by Scotland Yard and the Serious Organised Crime Agency. The prosecution involved two defendants, the client represented was caught in possession 12 kilos of cocaine ranging in purity from 93% to 97%. The defendant was also charged with possession with intent to supply, MDMA, Amphetamine and numerous other cutting agents.

R v GE  A case involving the supply of 5kg of 93% pure cocaine by a man previously twice convicted of similar matters.

R v SO  A multi-handed conspiracy of 6 defendants accused of supplying cocaine and Heroin. Case involved surveillance, raids on several properties, telephone evidence, fingerprinting and DNA Evidence. The case came as a result of an investigation by the National Crime Agency into other matters.

R v CH  A multi-handed conspiracy involving 18 defendants accused of supplying class A drugs from London into the east midlands. The alleged role of this defendant came by way of surveillance from train stations working backwards from cell-site analysis obtained during the course of the investigation.

R v MB  A multi-handed conspiracy involving 11 defendants accused of conspiring to import class A drugs by way of airdrop in private planes. Junior Counsel for the principle Defendant.


People Smuggling and Modern Day Slavery

R v PM  A multi-handed allegation of relatives bringing over people from the polish travelling community

 R v KK  A multi-handed conspiracy of 6defendants accused of smuggling people out of Southeast Asia, into Europe and across the French border into the United Kingdom. Case involved issues of cross-jurisdictional of ‘phone hacking’ evidence legally obtained by Police forces in other countries, fake passports, use of ‘clones’ and importation of European goods as cover.


R v MB  Acted for the sole defendant accused of causing Grievous Bodily harm trying blackmail the management of a company who habitually bankrupted themselves and left wages of staff members outstanding.

R v EB  Acted for the sole defendant accused of blackmail and GBH following the attempted debt collection of ‘old debts’ in excess of £80k.

Sexual Offences

R V BR  This case involved representing a defendant known as “Miss Whip,” accused of sexual assault with a male co-defendant where the allegation was the whipping of buttocks during a threesome that was initiated with the threat of screwdrivers and a baseball bat.

R v RA  An allegation incorporating a number of historical rapes spanning a decade within a domestic setting.

R v XX  A Case involving a vulnerable 10 year old alleged to have incited an 8 year old into performing sexual acts in a family setting.

Professional Affiliations

Grays Inn
Criminal Bar Association