Stephen Moses QC

“Stephen Moses is a class act” according to senior members of the judiciary. “He has developed a first class criminal practice,” appearing in “That Case”, defending Gary DOBSON (in the murder of Stephen Lawrence) and the first “judge alone” trial before Treacy, LJ.
Stephen has for many years “stepped effortlessly into his Leaders’ shoes whenever called upon” and was “always destined to take Silk”.

He has appeared regularly as leading counsel alongside Silks in matters of homicide, serious and organised violence, large scale complex fraud and drugs conspiracies, as well as serious sexual offences.

Amongst his impressive catalogue of high profile cases include representing the “Mastermind” in the much publicised conspiracy to rob Securitas in Tonbridge of £53 million – the largest cash robbery in history, the murder of Harrods Shop Assistant, Egeli RASTA (“Jogger in the Park”), the successful defence of the famed “Hard Bastard” Victor DARK, the much heralded attempted theft mid flight of £1.5 million whilst endangering the safety of an aircraft, several “gang land” murders, a £62 million cocaine importation, as well as having recently appeared in Operation Elveden (News International).

Stephen defended the first defendant in the landmark first “judge alone” trial involving the £1.75 million robbery at Menzies Warehouse, Heathrow Airport. This case followed two 6 month jury trials at the Central Criminal Court in 2007 and 2008. He also successfully represented the boyfriend of the mother found guilty of killing her 21 month old child and has appeared in a long series of homicide trials at the Central Criminal Court.

He has regularly appeared successfully on appeals against both conviction and/or sentence in the Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) and has often been instructed on criminal appeals to advise on the merits of “old” convictions where there is “new evidence”.

Stephen is a member of the South Eastern Circuit and the Criminal Bar Association.

He is a Pupil Supervisor and Advocacy Trainer at Gray’s Inn.

Serious Sexual Offences


R v Jong Hoon Choi [2015] (Blackfriars Crown Court)

Successful defence of Korean National charged with rape of a student. Complex issues regarding incapacity.

R v Dharyll BHANDAL [2015] (Woolwich Crown Court)

Successful defence of man charged with the successive rapes of 3 women. Issues of incapacity, recent complaint, previous sexual history.

R v Muhammed MUKITH [2015] (Snaresbrook Crown Court)

Husband charged with offences of rape and sexual assaults upon his wife over several years.

R v Dr Mukhtar HUSSAIN [2015] (Snaresbrook Crown Court)

GP charged with indecent assault upon a patient presenting with an ectopic pregnancy. Complex medical procedures and expert evidence in issue as well as GMC Regulatory considerations.

R v Barry FARQUHAR [2015] (Isleworth Crown Court)

Prosecution of Step Father charged with historic rapes and sexual assaults against his Step Daughter. Complex arguments relating to the disclosure of Social Services and School Records and concurrent Family Proceedings.

R v John HARVEY [2015] (Snaresbrook Crown Court)

Historic sexual assaults upon Defendant’s neice. Post traumatic Stress Disorder and issues relating to False Memory Syndrome and further familial child abuse.

R v Marius PROICA [2014] (Southwark Crown Court)

Prosecution of man charged with stranger rape at Horse Guards Parade.

R v Billy WHEATLEY [2013] (Woolwich Crown Court)

Sensitive representation of a serving police officer charged with historic familial sexual assaults when he was a juvenile and continued possession of indecent child images. Protracted sentencing complexities.

R v Atanas MIRYANOV [2013] Croydon Crown Court

Kidnap, False Imprisonment and Rape of a vulnerable complainant. Defendant had a previous conviction for Rape (which was not adduced at trial).

R v Rory MAHER [2012] (Isleworth Crown Court)

Successful representation of a student charged with Rape of a neighbour. Legal and evidential issues regarding DNA.

R v Lee BROPHY [2011] (Central Criminal Court)

Rape and False Imprisonment of an 82 year old woman who contracted Hepatitis C as a result of the attack. Complex medical and sentencing arguments.

R v Luke THURLOW [2011] (Guildford Crown Court)

Successfully represented 1st Defendant charged and acquitted with rape in alleged 4 handed sex attack of Page 3 Glamour Model.

R v John   HERMANSTEIN [2010]  (Inner London Crown Court; Court of Appeal) Successfully represented the principal defendant in 2 month trial of a multi-handed gang rape of a 14 year old school girl. Complex issues regarding school records, conduct of the school investigation and conflicting medical evidence.

R v Jamie HEININK [2008] (Woolwich Crown Court)

Successful defence of a vulnerable young school boy charged with Rape and indecent assault. Both he and the complainant suffered from Aspergers Syndrome.

R v Stephen GOULD [2007] (Kingston Crown Court)

Successful Abuse of Process Argument regarding historic allegations of rape and sexual abuse at the hands of 3 brothers with mental health issues. Issues of Capacity and fitness to stand trial.

Notable cases


R v Grant PIZZEY [2015] (Central Criminal Court)

Operation Elveden [News International] This case was originally listed first in time to follow the trial of Rebecca BROOKS & Ors, in respect of a conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office.

R v Kirk REID & Ors [2015] (Central Criminal Court)

Representing the main protagonist in a “rival gang” homicide trial in which an unintended victim was killed. The case involved complex issues of law and fact relating to various hostile witnesses and rival “gang members”.

R v Jermaine GILCHRIST [2012-2015] (Central Criminal Court)

Mr GILCHRIST having been the subject of an “actus trial” pursuant to the provisions of Sections 4 and 4A of the Criminal Procedure (Insanity) Act 1964 (as amended) in 2011/2012 in respect of the murder of his mother and attempted murder of his partner. In 2015 he appeared before the Court, having been remitted by the Secretary of State on issues regarding his fitness to stand trial, following a Section 37 and 41 MHA 1983 Disposal to the Rampton Hospital since 2012.

R v Devon SPENCE [2015] (Central Criminal Court)

Attempted murder, having shot the complainant 3 times.

R v Eleri COSSLETT [2014] (Cardiff Crown Court)

A Serious and Organised Crime Unit conspiracy investigation into an organised crime group responsible for the large-scale production and supply of cannabis in South Wales in residential properties, totalling £3million over a number of years. Ms COSSLETT, a former Solicitor, with a portfolio of over 50 properties for rental was said to be the “matriarch” of the operation, having employed the services of an Albanian Armed Gang.

R v Daniel BROWN & Ors [2014] (Southwark Crown Court)

Successfully represented the “Financier” of a large-scale multi-million pounds conspiracy to import cocaine into the UK from mainland Europe and North Africa over a number of years. The case was 10 handed and involved protracted and complex legal submissions on the law of conspiracy, corrupt police behaviour and international intelligence.

R v Sandra OKOH [2014] (Woolwich Crown Court)

Representing the Principal Defendant and Company Director in both the Original 12 week, 6 handed, “cut throat” trial and the subsequent re-trial, in a conspiracy to facilitate breaches of immigration controls, by fraudulently using unlicensed and/or illegal workers to carry out security work over a 5 year period, with a turnover in the region of £6 million.

R v Ekin ERSOY [2014] (Central Criminal Court)

Attempted Murder. Successful submission of No Case on the issue of identification evidence in respect of a drive by shooting.

R v Michael BRUNYEE [2013] (Woolwich Crown Court)

Attempted murder involving an intended beheading with a samurai sword: issue of transferred malice.

R v Ashley MILNE [2013] (Central Criminal Court)

Successful representation of university student in a joint enterprise Murder involving a “cut throat” attack re: causation and transfer mechanisms of blood.

R v Gary DOBSON [2013] (Central Criminal Court)

Represented the first defendant in the murder of Stephen Lawrence, having conducted the Part 10 Proceedings before the Lord Chief Justice pursuant to section 76 CJA 2003 on application to quash the acquittal and received plaudits for his “intelligent, thoughtful and considered presentation” of the issues issues relating to the integrity and continuity of the significant exhibits over 18 years. The case involved leading edge scientific findings relating to fibre evidence and re-solubilisation of blood flakes.

R v Ritesh BRAHMBHATT [2012] (Blackfriars Crown Court)

The case concerned the much publicised importation of drugs and mobile telephones into a number of prisons (secreted in “extended footwear”) by a Solicitor.

R v Ben WORDEN [2012] (Inner London Crown Court)

This case of Murder, following a dispute in the early hours of the morning on the High Street in Bexley, Kent, concerned complex issues of causation in respect of whether the deceased was struck with a single blow or a series of blows and whether the eye witness’ accounts could be reconciled with the neuropathological findings.

R v Christian BROWN [2012] (Kingston Crown Court)

Represented the principal defendant in the largest counterfeiting case prosecuted by SOCA to date. The case involved the printing of over £50 million pounds of counterfeit £20 pound notes using state of the art printing machinery.

R v Okechi NWANNENAH [2011] (Southwark Crown Court)

DWP Pensions Sure Start Maternity Grants and HMRC Health Pregnancy Grants Benefit Fraud: £1.2 million conspiracy.

R. v. Peter BROWN [2010] (Nottingham Crown Court) – Serial Murders.  Led by Oliver BLUNT Q.C. before Mrs Justice Macur

R. v. James PHILLIPS [2010] (Central Criminal Court) – Murder, Recorder of London.  Led Junior successfully representing the boyfriend of the mother convicted of the murder of Baby Bobby LOUCH (aged 21 months).

R v Peter BLAKE & Ors (Central Criminal Court sitting at the RCJ [2010]; 

R v T, B,C,H [2009] EWCA Crim 1055; WLR (D) 199); [2011] EWCA Crim 8 – Led Junior in the first “judge alone” trial before Treacy J, following two 6 month jury trials at the Central Criminal Court in 2007 and 2008. Representing the first Defendant in the £1.75 million robbery at Menzies Warehouse, Heathrow Airport.

R v Denis CARPENTER & Ors [2009] (Southwark Crown Court) – Led Junior in Operation Eaglewood: a multi-million pounds money laundering conspiracy.

R. v. Kenneth ETIENNE [2009] (Central Criminal Court) – Attempted Murder – Trial of night club DJ in frenzied knife attack.

R v John HERMANSTEIN  & Ors [2009] (Inner London Crown Court; Court of Appeal) [2010] EWCA – Principal defendant in 2 month trial of a multi-handed gang rape of a 14 year old girl.

R v Sihuru Ademola DOHERTY & Ors [2009] (Central Criminal Court) – Murder – Multi-handed South London knife attack between rival gangs.

R. v. Abdul YASSIN NOOR [2008] (Central Criminal Court) – Attempted Murder, Leading Junior for 1st defendant in multi-handed revenge knife attack.

R v Robert BURNS & Ors [2008] (Southwark Crown Court) – First Defendant – Ministry of Defence – Trident Submarine Project – White collar Serious Fraud

R. v. Gareth DAVIES [2007] (Central Criminal Court; Court of Appeal); [2008] EWCA Crim 1055; [2009] Cr App R (S). 15. Led by Sally O’NEILL Q.C. – Murder of Harrods Shop Assistant Egeli RASTA – Jogger on Mitcham Common

R. v. Lea RUSHA and Others [2007-8] (Central Criminal Court) – Represented First Defendant described as the “Mastermind” behind the Conspiracy to Rob Securitas, Tonbridge, Kent of £53 million.

R. v. Omar PARCHMENT and Others [2006] (Central Criminal Court) – Murder – South London “gang-land” shooting: Operation Trident.

R. v. Victor DARK  [2005] (Norwich Crown Court) – Conspiracy to Murder; Murder (“Bad Character”: Autobiographical references to DARK’s Guide to “How to Rob Banks and Influence People” and “East End Villain’s” profile on Channel 4 television documentary “Hard Bastards”).

R. v. Andrew HUNTER [2005] (Bristol Crown Court) – £62 million/ 700 kgs Cocaine Importation.

R. v Alfred HENDERSON [2004] (Blackfriars Crown Court) – £3million Money Laundering – Danati Bureau de Change – Abuse of Process /PII – Butterfield Report re: HM Customs misconduct.

 R. v. Ashley PRYER [2004] EWCA Crim 1163 – Submission of No Case – principle of “plums and duff”.

R. v. Rawson WATSON [2004](Central Criminal Court) – Theft of £1.5 million/ Endangering Aircraft “Mile Heist Club: James Bond – Man hidden in flight in the lining of cargo hold.”

 R. v. Ronald HARRISON [2003] (Central Criminal Court; Court of Appeal) [2004] EWCA Crim 494; [2004] EWCA Crim 1792 – Murder; Similar Fact Evidence

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