Tulay Hodge

Tulay Hodge

Call: 2014


Tulay prosecutes and defends cases across the full spectrum of criminal, civil and regulatory proceedings and as such has a detailed knowledge of the United Kingdom’s justice system and trial process.

The focus of her work is on financial crime, where she is quoted as being, “extremely adept at getting straight to the point” and communicating her opinions “precisely and succinctly in a down-to-earth manner”.

She has particular expertise in criminal and civil fraud and has advised HM Revenue and Customs, the Serious Fraud Office and the Financial Conduct Authority on high-profile investigations concerning prominent individuals, banks, and financial institutions. Tulay was also instructed on a high-profile public inquiry where multiple core participants were accused of fraud by false representation.

Tulay has worked as a senior lawyer for the National Crime Agency where she provided strategic legal advice and was the lead litigation lawyer on multiple cases involving civil and criminal fraud, asset forfeiture, kleptocracy, bribery and corruption, sanctions, and money laundering.

She currently practises as a senior lawyer within the Financial Crime Department at Clyde & Co LLP.

Recent Fraud Cases

R v Mohamad Yousef (2019) – Defence – Fraud by false representation

R v Conkova & Ors (2018) – Defence – Acquiring criminal property – Valued at £84,000

R v Attuh (2018) – Defence – Converting criminal property and conspiracy to transfer criminal property – Valued at £2million

R v Hashtroudi & Ors (2018) – Defence – VAT and PAYE tax fraud – Valued at £3.2 million

R v Saleh (2018) – DWP Prosecution – Alleged benefit fraud

R v Bagosera (2018) – Defence – Fraud by false representation and possession of an article for use in fraud

R v O’Dell (2018) – Prosecution – Alleged benefit fraud – Valued at £30,000

R v Ebraheem & Amaoko (2018) – Prosecution – Fraud – EE employees allegedly supplying customers’ bank details

Recent Confiscation Cases

R v O’Brien (2018) – Prosecution – POCA proceedings – Benefit fraud spanning five years – Valued at £131,000 – Written advice on related property and family law issues

R v Attuh & Uchukwu (2018) – Defence – Money laundering – POCA proceedings – Successfully opposed the Crown’s application to appoint an Enforcement Officer to seize and realise the £500,000 asset

R v George & Ors (2019) – Defence – POCA proceedings – Money laundering – Valued at £120,000

Recent Criminal Cases

R v H (2018) – Defence – Indecent assault – Child under the age of 14 – Historic sexual offences

R v Smith (2018) – Defence – Appeal against destruction order under the Dangerous Dogs Act

R v Alvarez (2018) – Defence – Possession with intent to supply Class A drugs – Commercial scale supply

R v Loughran-Oxley (2018) – Defence – Dangerous driving

R v Lancaster (2018) – Defence – Grievous Bodily Harm

R v Toska (2018) – Prosecution – Alleged possession of identity documents with improper intent