Man walking past railings

Lefi Siatta’s client found not guilty of murder at the Old Bailey in Operation Tharthra

Following a lengthy trial at the Central Criminal Court, and led by James Scobie KC, the jury found Lefi Siatta’s client not guilty of murder/manslaughter and attempted murder and s.18 . The Crown’s case was that our client was involved with 4 others in a planned revenge attack on another group of males, using weapons including knives and a bat.

Our client, a vulnerable young man with learning difficulties, ADHD and autism, was on bail following a successful application made by Lefi at a very early stage. He remained on bail throughout the proceedings, unique in a case such as this.  He argued he did not participate and was not involved. The entirety of the incident was captured on CCTV, there was complex telephone evidence adduced by the Crown seeking to demonstrate our client’s involvement.

K Singh from Bark and Co Solicitors was instrumental in setting out our client’s defence in a prepared statement following arrest.