Lefi Tsiattalou

Call: 1992

Areas of expertise

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Lefi is exclusively a criminal defence barrister with extensive experience in a broad spectrum of cases involving serious crime. Lefi has successfully defended her clients in cases ranging from murder, serious violence, drugs, sexual offences, fraud and money laundering. She is a leading junior who has both been prosecuted by silks and co defended with them.

Lefi has been described by those who have worked closely with her as a ‘real fighter’. She has excellent judgement and the ability to put even the most anxious client ‘at ease.’ She is able to get on with people from all backgrounds and cultures. Lefi is a leading junior with a reputation for hard work and meticulous preparation.

Lefi has an extensive track record and has appeared in a number of high profile murder cases where she has been led by well-known and respected QC’s .

Lefi represented the main defendant in the case of R v Nasri. This case involved the contract killing arranged by Nasri on his wife, Nisha, a Metropolitan Special Constable .The killing was arranged in order to claim life insurance and allow Nasri to live with his new prostitute girlfriend. This murder was examined by Crimewatch and received substantial media coverage.

Another much publicised case in which Lefi appeared in was R v Johnston. This concerned the murder of a man [Mr Amar] who had suffered fatal head injuries after being assaulted in his mansion, a house in Sunningdale. The man whilst still alive was buried in a one ton gravel sack and covered in sand and then placed in a van and removed from the scene. The police stopped the van and spoke to the driver and two passengers by the roadside for some 45 minutes before they realised there was a dying man in the bag.

Another widely reported case Lefi defended was R v Saunders. The matter concerned the organised gangland murder of a man [Mr Shaxted] in his council flat. The attack was particularly gruesome and took place in the bathroom. The men involved came to be known as the ‘abattoir’ gang of Northfleet.

R v Paul Bush was an honour killing case of a young Asian bride. Her much older husband and his son from his first marriage organised a group of men to abduct and torture her. She was wrapped in a carpet and burnt alive in a park in the early hours of the morning.

R v Dennis involved two brothers whom on two separate occasions were tried for murder. Both cases involved firearms and both brothers were successfully acquitted.

Lefi’s experience in fraud includes a number of complex and large cases. In the case of R v McKenzie she recently secured the acquittal of the main defendant in a large scale banking fraud, involving the theft of identity cards which belonged to the bank’s customers. The case involved millions of pounds of fraudulent activity.

Other cases of note are R v Mukhtar Parviez which once again concerned the fraudulent activity of twelve conspirators in a multi-million pound banking fraud. Lefi represented the main defendant acting as leading junior and co-defended with Queens Counsel in what was a cut throat case.

In R v Sidney Smith Lefi represented one of two brothers involved in a very big MTIC fraud and one of the largest money laundering cases investigated in the UK code named ‘Operation Clawback‘. In this heavily publicised case, Smith together with his brother led 16 people in an international money laundering racket. The gang operated a highly complex scam which centred on buying and selling high value cars. The criminal property was then converted into millions of pounds of cash.

Lefi has a specialist expertise in defending young offenders and defendants with special needs. In R v Kabangele she secured the acquittal of a 16 year old girl who was in possession of a number of fire arms and was running the complicated and difficult defence of duress.

In R v James Price Lefi successfully secured the acquittal of a 66 year old man, with the mental age of a child, charged with a number of counts of rape.

Lefi always maintains an excellent relationship with both her professional and lay clients and is seriously committed to the defence of all of her clients.