Frida Hussain QC

Known for her professional, dedicated and hard working approach with particular attention to detail Frida Hussain is well respected by the judiciary, her professional, lay clients and colleagues. She is instructed as a leading junior to lead other juniors as well as being led herself by Queens Counsel. She is experienced in all areas of criminal work as a specialist defence advocate and has a particular name for cases involving terrorism. She is one of the few female barristers in the UK to specialise in this area. Over the last few years she has practiced almost exclusively in this field regularly dealing with charges ranging from murder, conspiracy to murder, conspiracy to cause explosions and offences arising out of the Terrorism Acts.

Frida has been instructed as counsel representing defendants in many of the UK’s major high profile terrorist cases. These include the July 2005 London bombing campaign, the alleged terrorist training camp cases and the transatlantic airline bomb plot. Other highlights also include a multi-million pound fraud alleged to have funded terrorist activity in the Middle East.

She has particular linguistic ability and is a fluent speaker of Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi. She also possesses cultural awareness and knowledge of theological issues that are often at the core of terrorism cases as well as other more general crime involving such issues. She practices in Manchester, Leeds and Bradford, as well as London, and appears in courts at all levels including Courts Martial.

Frida also lectures on current criminal practice and procedure and provides practical advice to colleagues and instructing solicitors on topical issues, such as applications for warrants for further detention at the police station.

She is a selected advocacy trainer, regularly providing training to junior members of the bar in the skills required for effective advocacy through the Inner Temple advocacy training programme. In 2004 she traveled with other members of the panel to teach advocacy training techniques to members of the bar in Pakistan.

Frida was awarded a Pegasus Scholarship. As part of this she worked within the Australian criminal justice system for 3 months. She is a member of the Bar Council International Relations sub-committee and a volunteer member of the Inner Temple Scholarship panel.

Notable cases

Operation ‘Vivace’
“Attempted London bombing July 2005” Conspiracy to murder and conspiracy to cause explosions.

Operation ‘Overamp’
“Al Qaeda terrorist training camp case”. Providing and receiving terrorist training. Conspiracy to murder and offences under Terrorism Act 2006.

Operation ‘Overt’
“Transatlantic airline bomb plot case.” Alleged plotting of simultaneous bombings of US bound aircraft out of Heathrow.

R v Ibrahim and others
Representing one of six alleged bombers in a case arising out of the attempted bombing campaign of 21 July 2005 on the London underground system following the bombing attacks of ‘7/7’.

R v H & others
Representing one of two defendants charged with incitement to murder (over the course of two years) in the context of an organised alleged Muslim extremist group operating in and around London.

R v D and others
Representing one of nine defendants where charges ranged from incitement to murder and the alleged providing and receiving of terrorist training contrary to the Terrorism Act 2006. 15 defendants were arrested as part of high-profile arrest raids in South London in September 2006.

R v Knox & others
Case involving a breach of the United Nations Sanctions order. Allegations involving company trading in breach of (then) UN Serbia and Montenegro Sanctions Order. Not guilty verdict.

R v Murray & others
Large scale undercover police operation concerning conspiracy to rob. A gang of young men was targeting prominent and wealthy individuals in affluent areas of London, following them and causing doorstep attacks leading to theft of jewellery and high value cars. The total loss was several million pounds.

R v Karia
Arson with intent to endanger life. Case concerning a security guard employed by a major central London hospital charged with setting a series of fires on hospital premises over a period of several months, culminating in a major fire in the basement causing the hospital to have to be evacuated and losses to the tune of several million pounds. Verdict was not guilty of intent to endanger life.

R v Harris
Causing harm to baby through ‘baby shaking’. Defendant under disability and all prosecution witnesses as to fact under some form of disability. The prosecution seeking to rely upon a purported confession by the defendant during interview was argued by the defence to be oppressive. The case involved complex medical issues as to causation and injury, and expert evidence as to the exact cause of injury and whether the diagnosis was affected by a pre-existing condition contributing/causing the injury. Not guilty verdict.

R v Sadiq & others
Case involving a major public disorder involving the local and immigrant community in Dewsbury involving more than 20 individuals. There were 15 defendants and charges ranged from violent disorder to section 18 assault and intent to cause serious harm falling just short of attempted murder. Weapons ranged from knives to motor vehicles driven as weapons to cause injury. There were complicated issues if identification was involved. The main victim of the disorder was severely injured leaving him wheelchair-bound. All but one of the defendants were found not guilty upon direction of the judge.

R v Miah & Others
Case involving feuding community factions in Leeds causing major public disorder resulting in two consecutive days of unrest amongst a small community. Offences ranged from public order offences to section 18 assault with intent to cause serious harm and firearms offences.

R v Thompson & others
Joint Metropolitan Police and Customs undercover drugs operation concerning the supply of Class A drugs involving covert police surveillance operation.

R v White & others
Major undercover police operation involving the supply of Class A drugs on the streets of central London.

R v L and others
Armed robbery at two major high street supermarket outlets involving the taking of thousands of pounds using violence and firearms. This was said to be an ‘inside job’ organised and executed by the three members of staff charged. Not guilty verdict.

R v Boukadir & others
Multi -million pound conspiracy to defraud banks and other financial institutions, alleged proceeds of which were said to have been sent to the Middle East with suggestion that this was to fund terrorist organisations.