Alexia Power

Alexia is a leading junior with an exclusively criminal practice acting for both defence and prosecution. She regularly defends in complex and high profile cases including murder, with particular expertise in cases involving joint enterprise and in representing young and vulnerable defendants charged with murder. Alexia’s recent case load has included kidnap, blackmail and false imprisonment, rape, offences against children, large-scale drug importation and supply, firearms and money laundering/fraud.

Alexia is instructed to prosecute by the Crown Prosecution Service including Special Casework, Serious Organised Crime Agency and the Special Intelligence Section of the Police. She has been on the CPS list of Specialist Rape Prosecutors since its inception and has extensive experience of prosecuting sexual offences including serial rape, historical rape and cases involving child abuse, kidnapping and child abduction. Alexia has specialist advocacy skills in calling and cross-examining children and vulnerable witnesses and liaised on behalf of CPS London with local authorities and the NSPCC to establish disclosure protocols particularly in the field of third party disclosure. Alexia has also appeared in hearings before the civil courts to obtain disclosure of concurrent County Court proceedings.

Alexia has experience of specialist drafting, including Attorney-General’s  Fiat applications, Letters of Request and third party disclosure applications in the civil courts. In addition to being licenced in 2010 in the separate jurisdiction of the Isle of Man, Alexia has experience of cases involving an international element, for example R v G, the first defendant prosecuted in the UK for child abuse committed in Cambodia and R v LT & others, international child kidnap involving High Court disclosure orders.

Alexia has specialist expertise in appeals by way of Case Stated and Judicial Review before the Administrative Court. Alexia was prosecution junior in the case of DPP v Wood; DPP v McGillicuddy Times Law Reports 8th February 2006 relating to defence statements and third party disclosure and in R(Hoar-Stevens) v Richmond Magistrates’ Court [2004] Crim LR 474 DC re jurisdiction of the Administrative Court. Alexia is privately instructed in the field of drink driving appeals including acting for Intoximeters UK Ltd., the manufacturer of the breath test machines in relation to challenges on disclosure.

Alexia is an in-house advocacy trainer. She is fluent in French and has worked as an interpreter (in court). She is a member of the CBA, SEC, the Committee of the Surrey & South London Bar Mess and is a Gray’s Inn mentor.

Alexia has recent experience of advocacy in other jurisdictions, having been granted licence to appear as an advocate in the Isle of Man in 2010.

Alexia is also ranked in Chambers & Partners.

Examples of recent cases


R v F and others – Nov 2010 to date

Junior Counsel for the defence in case with 9 defendants. Gang-related murder allegation involving alleged confession to witness with bipolar disorder.

R v Fyle  –  – July 2010

Junior counsel for the defence. Murder of a trans-gender prostitute by a client.

R v Elcock, Lyazi and another  – June 2010

Junior Counsel for the defence of Boy C. The murder of Ekram Haque outside Tooting Mosque by so-called “Happy Slappers”.

R v Lucas – June 2009

Junior Counsel for the defence. Allegation of one punch murder. Pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

R v Morrison & Morrison – June 2008

Junior Counsel for the defence. Murder case with issues relating to cause of death and jury tampering.

R v Bruce & others –  2007/2008

Junior Counsel for the defence. Gang-related murder against background of drug dealing.

Drug Trafficking including Confiscation Proceedings

R v Faponnle & others, June 2010   – leading junior for the defence in multiple conspiracy to supply Class A drugs/money laundering. Drugs charges dropped following application to dismiss.

R v Tucker (2009) Defence junior in Class A drug supply conspiracy involving covert recording.

R v Kustar, Khan, Chana & Rob (Operation Frant)(2009) – junior prosecution counsel led by Jeremy Carter-Manning QC. Largest ever Metropolitan Police seizure of heroin.

Operation Slive (2008)  – junior prosecution counsel SOCA’s first participating informant case including additional evidence from a known “supergrass”. Large scale heroin importation.

R v Richardson & Others (Operation Ribot) (2006 – 2009) CPS Special Casework Prosecution. Multi-handed armed robbery & money laundering.

R v Gregory & Others (Operation Puntley) (2008) CPS HQ prosecution. Large scale cocaine supply & associated money laundering.

Serious Sexual Offences

Cases including; R v Hila & Others  (2006) – defence counsel first on the indictment gang rape and robbery of prostitutes in brothels in Hertfordshire by Albanian gang. R v Savin (2009) – husband and wife rape – issues involving S.41 YJCE Act. R v Faisal Malik (2005), junior prosecution counsel in multiple rape indictment which attracted local and national publicity (including Crime Watch) as the defendant was a mini-cab driver who raped female passengers. Written commendation from police received after trial.

Child Abduction and Abuse

R v D & D (2010) defence junior in allegation of child abduction by a parent and grandparent. Complex legal issues involving duress of circumstances.

R v K and L (2004) Mr K and his wife were divorced and she had custody of their five year old daughter. Mr K abducted the child on a contact visit with the help of his friend Mr L who drove them to the airport. He took the child to Pakistan. He was traced by the police and made threats to the life of the child. He was persuaded to return to the United Kingdom following a promise that he would not be prosecuted contained in a High Court Order. The promise was revoked by the High Court Judge when Mr K’s plane was in the air as it was deemed that there was an overriding public interest in saving the life of the child. Case involved complex abuse of process arguments.

R v C E, St Albans Crown Court (2006), defence counsel for a father accused of indecently assaulting his son between the ages of 7 and 11. Issues included the role of “Fathers for Justice” campaign group, third party disclosure of 10 years of County Court hearings

R v A C, Guildford Crown Court (2005) defence counsel in the case of a football coach accused of indecently assaulting 8 of his players – cross-examination of 13 child witnesses

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