Alexia Power

Recorder: 2018

Direct Access qualified: 2011

Alexia is a leading junior and known as an exceptional jury advocate for the defence, appearing in many high-profile trials and appeals. Professional clients have praised her “class” and “consistently superb results” and Chambers and Partners highlights her excellence in dealing with young or vulnerable defendants and witnesses.  Alexia has a strong grasp of the law and was in the leading Court of Appeal joint enterprise case following Jogee for the principle defendant (R v L Johnson and others), the leading Court of Appeal authority on “gang” bad character evidence (R v Awoyemi and others) and more recently R v OM, a successful appeal in relation to when fraud vitiates consent to cosmetic procedures, the so-called “Botox Butcher” case.

Alexia is much in demand by Queen’s Counsel as their defence junior of choice in the most serious of cases as demonstrated in 2018 by her instruction in three murder cases at the Central Criminal Court and in 2019 the successful acquittal for joint enterprise murder after a 3 month trial (R v JF and others).

Alexia has extensive experience of fraud/money-laundering cases, including carbon-credit frauds and in the representation of professional defendants including solicitors. She frequently appears in long cases involving serious organised crime groups accused of offences involving firearms, kidnap, blackmail, cyber-crimes and large-scale drug supply/importation. Some recent examples are listed below.

In relation to sexual offences, Alexia has been on the CPS list of Specialist Rape Prosecutors since its inception and has extensive experience of prosecuting and defending sexual offences including serial rape, historical rape and cases involving online exploitation, indecent images, child abuse, kidnapping and child abduction.

Other experience:

  • Chambers Director
  • Committee Member Surrey & South London Bar Mess
  • Grays Inn Mentor
  • Licence to appear as an advocate in the Isle of Man 2010
  • Member of the CBA, Fraud Lawyers Association, Association of Women Barristers
  • Expert contributor on Channel 1 Europe TV to Bengali community on Cyber Crime & Money Laundering
  • Pupillage supervisor and Vice-Chair of Pupillage Committee
  • Fluent in French and has appeared as an interpreter in court
  • Mock trial trainer for drug expert witnesses (2018)

Alexia is on the Crown Prosecution Service Serious Crime and Rape lists. She has long-standing experience of appeals by way of Judicial Review and Case Stated and was privately instructed to act for the manufacturer of the Intoximeter breath machine in relation to disclosure.

Recent Defence Cases

R v JF & others 2019 – Indictment relating to the actions of a group who carried out the stabbing and murder of two young men on one evening in North London, together with two further stabbings and a violent disorder. JF was acquitted of murder and violent disorder after a three-month trial at the Central Criminal Court. Junior led by QC.

R v OM 2019 – Represented the tabloid named “Botox Butcher” for grievous bodily harm by the use of deficient “Botox” on the faces of the complainants. Acquitted at trial of one complainant, and the conviction of a second overturned following appeal to the Court of Appeal on the issue of fraud vitiating consent.

R v DG 2018 – First on the indictment, junior alone, defendant accused of arranging, from his prison cell, the drive-by revenge shooting of the house of the complainant. Acquitted of all charges after trial. 

R v JW 2018 – Indictment containing over 40 counts of historical rape/ sexual assault by the owner of a children’s home to 7 complainants over a period from the late 1970s to the 1990s. Difficult bad character arguments and vulnerable complainants. Junior led by QC.

R v YY 2018 – Defendant accused of murder arising from a drug feud, the stabbing shown on CCTV. YY acquitted of murder, convicted of manslaughter. Junior led by QC.

R v MS 2018 – 3-month multi-handed murder case described as an “execution” by the Crown. MS was said to be the assassin with the gun. Complex non-defendant bad character arguments. Junior led by QC.

R v AH 2018 – Defendant accused of gang stabbing after which he left the UK and went to Venezuela. He was extradited back to the UK after the co-defendants’ trial at which they were all convicted. Complex hearsay arguments. Junior led by QC.

R v MH 2018 – Represented MH before the Court of Appeal not at trial. MH was a mini-cab driver and had been convicted of raping a passenger. The defence case was consent and included the appellant trying to film, on his mobile telephone, the complainant acting sexually. The police seized the mobile telephone and stated at trial that there were no such films on it. After trial the appellant’s wife retrieved the telephone from the police and discovered a film clip taken by the appellant of the complainant. This clip was verified by experts. Appeal against conviction granted on the basis of fresh evidence and non-disclosure. Junior alone.

R v SD 2017 – First on the indictment, junior alone, 10-handed conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life. Prosecution alleged a tit-for-tat gang shooting was being planned. When the police raided the defendant’s flat where all 10 defendants were present, 2 loaded firearms and drugs were thrown from the balcony. Knives and ammonia found. SD acquitted of all charges.

R v JA – 2017 – First on the indictment, junior alone, in 5-handed kidnap, S.18, blackmail and false imprisonment of a 14 year old by a London gang who were to put him to work as a drug dealer in Hampshire if ransom unpaid. Acquitted after trial of all charges. Legal issues included gang membership of non-defendants in complainant’s family, disclosure of the same and whether kidnap a continuing offence.  

R v NC – 2017 – Represented a famous ex-singer and the only recognised UK female boxing promoter known as the “Black Widow”. The prosecution allegation was that a gang who included NC’s boyfriend kidnapped the brother of a rival drug gang and held him at her gym for ransom. She was acquitted; all other defendants convicted. Case reported in the Daily Mail & other national press. Junior alone.

R v DT 2017 – First on the indictment junior alone in 5 handed kidnap trial allegedly involving Albanian gangs. Complainant was found injured in a garden in the middle of the night, gave history of being kidnapped, tortured and blackmailed because he owed money to Albanian drug gang. Defence was attack on the complainants’ credibility. Legal arguments re: admissibility of telephone messages. All defendants acquitted of all charges.  

R v H 2017 – 16-handed organised crime kidnap, false imprisonment and blackmail case. Split into two trials at the Central Criminal Court. The complainant, a known criminal, was kidnapped on arrival in the UK and moved to three strongholds, with ransom demands, before release by the police. He was wanted by the German authorities so fled to the Ukraine and refused to return to the UK for trial. Ukrainian judge ruled he could give evidence from the Ukraine but all questions had to be monitored by the Ukranian authorities. The prosecution offered no evidence following disclosure arguments. Junior alone.

R v DH 2016 – First on the indictment of five, junior alone for conspiracy to supply 200 kgs of 100% pure cocaine valued over £70 million.  Allegation was that an organised crime group had used Tilbury docks to import the pure cocaine from South America. Complex disclosure issues regarding informants & RIPA material.

R v SH 2016Eleven-handed Carbon Credit “boiler room” fraud involved in selling worthless carbon-credits for investment and pensions. SH was the Director of the company incorporated to sell the pension carbon credits. Cut-throat defences.  Three-month trial led by QC.

R v LJ 2016 – Led by QC. Five handed stabbing murder raising issues of joint enterprise and knowledge of weapons held by co-accused. The case was the first heard in the conjoined appeals after the Supreme Court decision in the case of Jogee and required complex written and oral legal argument.

R v JK 2015 – Led by QC, first on the indictment in 6-handed murder and robbery allegation before HHJ Joseph QC at the Central Criminal Court. Complex legal issues including bad character gang membership evidence, hearsay (missing witness providing main evidence against the defendant). The only defendant acquitted of murder, manslaughter & robbery.

R v JG 2014 – Junior counsel led by QC. JG was a successful commercial solicitor and equity partner charged on an indictment alleging 25 counts of mortgage fraud, which took place over 4 years to a value of £33 million. The fraud was complex, relating to transactions on 11 properties at 8 sites, with a further 9 under investigation. Specialist legal argument and cross-examination regarding solicitors’ professional conduct rules and conveyancing duties and obligations.

R v IW 2014 – Led by QC representing lead singer of the Lost Prophets band indicted for child sex offences. Significant media interest and widely reported.   

R v AS 2014 – Junior alone – represented a Police Community Support Officer based at Gatwick Airport accused of Misconduct in Public Office by stealing money from passengers at the airport under the guise of money laundering checks. Complex case including hours of CCTV footage and sensitive airport security information including swipe cards, security levels and police procedures. Case reported on television and in the written press. 

R v NS 2013 – Junior alone, first on the trial indictment in a 6-handed customs fraud alleging 22 separate importations of cigarettes in contravention of the Customs and Excise Management Act 1979. Allegation that between 4,400,000 and 6,600,000 cigarettes were imported by organised group, NS was said to be one of the organisers. The case included international evidence from Indonesia & Thailand and was factually and legally complex, particularly in relation to a shipment that was intercepted in Singapore.

R v VC 2013 – Led by QC representing a property developer accused with 6 others of fraud and money laundering by illegally acquiring empty properties and selling them to unsuspecting buyers with the assistance of corrupt solicitors and Land Registry staff. The indictment related to 9 properties estimated as worth between 30 – 50 million by the Crown. The background was money-laundering the proceeds of class A drugs which was evidenced by hours of undercover police audio tapes. Complex factual and financial issues relating to property development practices e.g. “flipping’ properties.

R v LL 2013 – Junior alone for main defendant of 5 facing counts of conspiracy to import firearms, silencers, bullets and cocaine into the UK from Germany and Holland. LL and 3 of the co-defendants are British Soldiers based in Gutersloh, Germany.  Case involved novel areas of law such as opposition to prosecution application for a voluntary bill in the High Court and admissibility of defence statements as part of the prosecution case.

Further examples of work can be provided upon request.

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