Charlotte Yarrow

Highly experienced junior counsel in general crime and serious sexual offences but with a strong track record in handling complex fraud and financial crime including money laundering, insider dealing, tax and VAT fraud, advance fee and banking fraud, both leading and conducted alone.

She has a strong commercial awareness gained partly from a sabbatical in a FTSE 100 Hedge fund as legal counsel, where she advised the company on, amongst other things money laundering provisions, the Fraud Act and Proceeds of Crime legislation and general litigation. She has a flare for handling substantial volumes of evidence and complex financial information and distilling it to the “nub of the issue”.

She has a broad experience in defending serious crime, murder, (particularly dealing with complexities brought about by very young defendants) blackmail, armed robberies and drugs having been involved in a number of complex multi handed cases where legal argument & tactical decisions have led to acquittals. She is regularly pitched against and co-defending with Queens Counsel.

Charlotte also has significant experience in serious sexual cases having successfully defended in over 50 rape cases including allegations of complex historic rape, inter-relationship rape, stranger rape, “date rape” involving allegations of drugging, & oth r circumstances where expert/ forensic evidence is used in favor or challenged on behalf of defence and those involving particularly young or vulnerable witnesses and defendants. She has carried out the first successful Defence case under the pilot s28 YJCEA scheme where particularly vulnerable or very young child complainants are cross examined months before the commencement of trial, now being rolled out across the country.

With her meticulous attention to detail, and tenacity was responsible for a high profile rape acquittal uncovering police failure to disclose crucial evidence which fundamentally undermined the prosecution case.

Charlotte has a keen interest in Coroners Inquests. She has been involved in a number inquests ranging from deaths within NHS and issues of medical care to deaths within the care of a nursing home.

She has developed expertise for advice and litigation in the field of corporate manslaughter and the effects upon the NHS, the construction and the Transport Industry.

Charlotte has been instructed since pupillage in regulatory work having been Standing Counsel to 2 London Boroughs on all matters within their remit, including benefit fraud, health & safety and Nuisance. Latterly, she has represented private companies in relation to this and Fire Authority, Death in the work place, Environment and Trademarks. She has been involved in training regulatory investigators and has written papers advising regulatory authorities on the application of the law in practice. She has successfully defended in large scale Environment Agency prosecutions.

She has advised and acted on behalf of the defence in both criminal and civil matters in relation to Trademarks law and was in the landmark case in the Court of Appeal and House of Lords of Johnston which successfully led to the re-definition of the criminal defences under the 1994 Trade Marks Act. She has acted successfully in some of the largest Trademark “hauls” made by Trading standards.

She is a member of Lincoln’s Inn, South Eastern Circuit and the Criminal Bar Association.